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Satin Top

I had a bit satin fabric left from my draped evening dress and it was enough for this top. I do love colors, and satin is delicate to wear.  This is an easy pattern with pleats on the shoulders.  

  The skirt is from an earlier project on BurdaStyle

Silk Tank Burda 04/2015

Easy Jersey Dress

Jersey is so nice to wear and I have used a pattern from Ottobre 06/2012.  I love this printed fabric and it makes me in a good mood :) I have combined it with a plain white knitted fabric for the neck, sleeves and hem.

If you like, you can see another dress I made of the same pattern: Earlier project on BurdaStyle

Nice Stripes :)

Stripes is always nice, but the only thing is to match them correctly at the seams.. This pattern has a little pleat in front and it's great to wear on a hot summer day, or when you are picking blueberry in the garden :)

For the straps and around the neck I have cut the stripes on the length.
BurdaStyle Tank Dress 05/2016 #112

Heart Top ♥

Curved Peplum Top 12/2014 #105

I wanted to try a technique I have used several times before, and why not make hearts which everyone loves ♥ Since the white fabric is very soft I decided to cut out the hearts of the red layer which are steadier jersey, and also since this fabric doesn't fringe. First I draw the hearts on the fabric and then stitching on top of my drawings, and finally cutting the hearts out.

I thought it was nice to use the same red fabric as facing and press it down                   like a little collar. The skirt is from an earlier project. If you like, you can see it here

Top with Print

I love sewing with jersey and printed fabric is one of my favourites :) The lower part is cut on bias, so it has a nice shape and I think the drawstring in front makes it feminine. Since I have used stretchy fabric I omitted the darts at the back upper part and also the zipper at the side. 

 I found the pattern for this top in BurdaStyle 06/2005. You can also make it with long sleeves and then you have a nice flounce as finishing.

Marfy Dress

I have waited for the right moment trying out this Marfy pattern. It's from the catalogue 2014/15.             It has a nice square neck and to pop it up I've used the technique with peter ribbon.             Enclosed a picture from BurdsStyle.             Black linen is great sewing with, and it makes it special with the back length a bit longer than in front as well.             I wasn't sure to put on the short sleeves, and I think it was nice without as well, but then I can use it even if the weather is a bit colder :)

Blouse with Drawstring

For this blouse I have used crinkled cotton with embroidery and I think it was a good choice.  It's a bit special with the drawstring for the collar and the tiny belt at the waist.  It's based on pattern #113 Burda 07.2007 and it's very comfy to wear :)

                                            The skirt is from an earlier project.View project on BurdaStyle

Dress with Applique

Butterflies is Lovely in summertime ☼ This is an easy pattern, but I like it very simple :) To make it a bit special I appliqued some butterflies and added a flounce around the neck as in the instruction. I have used light cotton blend, but since the fabric is transparent I used light blue lining.

To make an applique you can cut out butterflies or make your own style with any fabric you like, and use appliqued paper to iron on (it has glue on both sides), so it's easy to iron the applique on the garment you want it to stay. For sewing you need to have an underlayer with appliqued paper (without glue) so the stitches will be nice. It's easy to remove the paper away on the backside afterwords. How to Make an Iron-On Applique : Ironing Adhesive Paper to an Applique

BurdaStyle Pattern 05/2016 #114

Dress for a Princess

I bought this lovely knitted top on my holiday, and thought it would be nice for a baby girl's dress :) It's based on Burdastyle pattern 02/2016 #144 but I omitted the collar and made another opening at the back.