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Shirt with Tie

Bright colors makes me happy :) This is a pattern from an older BurdaStyle magazine 07/2005.
I made small button holes for the tie and it could be nice to leave it open with a top underneath as well. At this time of year I prefer a long sleeved shirt, but I'm sure it can be nice with a short sleeved top as well :) I have used medium weight jersey for this.

Polo Neck Dress

Since I had this soft cotton jersey in my stash  I thought it would be nice for a cozy dress like this :)
The neck was a bit high, so I prefer to bend it in, or to leave it open at the back. 
Instead of sewing the zipper all up to the top of the neck  I have used buttons as shown on the picture.
Burdastyle Pattern #113 09/2016
Grey is easy to cheer-up with a nice color,  and red is always a great choice, or a colorful scarf :)

Bohemian Blouse

I think we need Colors at this time of year! This Orange-Red makes me really Happy :)   Since this pattern has a lot of pleats I thought it would be nice to use a plain fabric. I have used cotton voile and it's a bit transparent. It's a great fabric sewing with, and it's very comfy to wear.  I'm very happy how it turned out :)

Burdastyle pattern #121B 10/2016

Butterfly Blouse

I visit a local fabric shop, el Kilo, on my holiday and found this lovely cotton fabric. It was only a small piece left, and they gave it to me for free :) I had to find a pattern which was suitable for this, and my choice was this cute blouse. I couldn't make the tie at the hem since I didn't have enough fabric,  but anyway I'm happy how it turned out. I think it will be nice together with a white long skirt as well :)

Colorblock Dress

I love sewing dresses, especially pattern as this one :)
It's great for color blocking, or combination of different fabric.
It's a great evening dress and I like how it turned out,
so I'm ready for a Party :)

I started with the colorful fabric I had left from an earlier project. I tried to cut the pieces with as much flowers I could manage, and I think black was the right choice to combined with. 

Since the colorful fabric are viscose jersey and softer than the black cotton jersey, I had to use interfacing on the wrong side of these panels.  I also made facing for the neck and sleeve opening.

Easy T-shirt

I've made an easy T-shirt of a great fabric I bought in Germany. This is a nice pattern from a Norwegian Sewing Magazine 06/2011. I have made a White T-shirt of the same pattern earlier. The sleeve has a little gathering on the shoulders which I like,  so this is one of my favorite T-shirt pattern :)

2-pcs Knotted Dress

This is a great dress pattern and I have made the knotted shirt earlier. Since I didn't have enough of the  printed jersey, I decided to combined it with black jersey.   I started sewing the shirt and all of a sudden I figure it out that it would be great to have a separate shirt and skirt. Then I could combined with my white knotted shirt as well :)   I think the shirt will be very nice together with black pants too. I have to say; I just love this printed fabric ♥ 

Burdastyle pattern #102 10/2016
I try to place the pattern on the fabric for the best solution.  I have use the twin-needle for the neck, hem and sleeves.

Royal Copenhagen Dress

I bought this lovely fabric in Copenhagen, and it reminds me of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain :) It's a soft cotton/viscose fabric and I thought it would be nice for this dress pattern #105 BurdaStyle 09/2016. I omitted the sleeves since I wanted to wear it on my holiday. The waist is tight, and I like the fluffy skirt. The tie at the neck is a great detail and I think it looks nice even as a collar.

Burdastyle pattern #105 09/2016
Royal Copenhagen