Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bow tank with Flowers

Meet my Holiday friend in Copenhagen♥

This is my second version of this pattern.
I have used cotton fabric which I bought at Truro Fabrics web shop in England.
  The fun thing with the tie for this blouse, 
is that you can use it knotted in front or at the back. 
I made the slit at the back a bit shorter this time because I thought it was nicer.
I have hand-stitched around the armholes and around the neck. 
If you like, you can see my first version here.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Integrated Flounce Blouse

I was so lucky to find this fabric in a local fabric shop in my hometown Haugesund ♥
The flowers are printed through the fabric so it was great for this pattern.

The integrated flounce is cut together with the front part, 
so the inside fabric is shown on the outside.
 At first I wanted to omit the tie for the bow, but at last I changed my mind.
Then I can wear it with the tied bow as well :)

The Skirt is an earlier project made of linen.