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Refashion is FUN !

A transformation dress is fun to make! πŸ˜„ When you have garments in your wardrobe that you don't wear anymore, and still like them, it's nice to make something new!   I have chosen three garments which will be nice for making a dress. It's easy to make a transformation with cutting the garments apart.
 First I sew the lining of the lilac top together with the grey  which I wanted to be the upper part of the dress.  I have used a decoration ribbon for the sleeves.  The red sleeves have been sewn to the upper part.  Dress is finished!
I made a twisted ribbon with tassels as a belt at the waist.

Flounce Dress

Who doesn't like to have a flounce dress 😊
I have used an easy pattern, and the flounce is sewn right on the front part. 
The gathering at the short sleeves makes it a bit special.
For sure it's great to wear since it's made of jersey!

Burdastyle pattern #128 02/2013 The link is the pattern for the top #126,  but it's the same issue, but I couldn't find it.

Flower Dress Collection

This is my Flower Dress Collection 🌻🌼🌷 which I have been sewing over the years! Some of them are missing link because I haven't posted them earlier. Flower fabric is nice for any garments, but I love sewing dresses!  - and Colors makes me in a good mood πŸ˜‰
This is one of my first dresses I've made early 90's πŸ˜‡
Sabina Dress
Dress with Fluffy Sleeves
Spaghetti-strap Dress
Jersey Dress and a little Jacket

Cocktail Dress for my Niece
Roses for Every Day

Easy Jersey Dress
Cap Sleeve Dress
Colorful Evening Dress
Flower Dress