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Spring Coat!

I like Abstract and Crazy print Fabric 🀩 I found this coat pattern in BurdaStyle 03/2018. It can be a coat or a dress, but I think I prefer to use it as a coat,  since it's very open from the waist πŸ˜† The fabric is cotton-satin and I have combined it with black linen for the sleeves. For the lining I have used micro satin which are very soft and delicious to wear. It was rather windy when these pics were taken... BurdaStyle pattern 03/2018

Refashion with Shiny Stripes!

When you have a shiny top you don't use, but would wear it if it was a dress, then you just make a skirt for the top! I have used BurdaStyle pattern issue 1/2018 for the skirt which I like very much. It's great with the pleats at the waist because it's flattering. Then I'm ready for party🀩πŸ₯³ BurdaStyle 10/2018

Wool Top!

This time of year it's great to have a wool top!❄ The day after these pics where taken, it was all white outside... - you can see a picture at the end of this post. I have used the pattern once before when I made a  Concert Top and I like this style a lot! The top is gathered at one side of the front panel and with the two-piece front it's a kind of unique😊  BurdaStyle 11/2018

Blazer you can "Live In" :)

Printed houses in any color you can imagine! πŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™ My eyes were drawn to this fabric on a marked in Utrecht in Holland, - and I couldn't leave without it!  I thought it was perfect to make a blazer, and I'm sure I will be wearing it a lot!  I started with the pattern from BurdaStyle 12/2019. This is the first time ever sewing a pocket in a princess seam. I choose to use gold-yellow micro satin as lining. When the pocket is finished, most of the challenging word is done.. I made my own "sleeve-fish" shoulder pads. BurdaStyle 12/2019 I'm very HAPPY how the blazer turned out! πŸ˜„

Desigual Refashion ♥

My Lovely "singing" Friend, Torhild from our choir; Skakkekoret ♪♫ I love Desigual garments, and of course I have bought several T-shirts for my boys as well :) Today, they don't use them any more, so therefore I'm the lucky owner! It's perfect to use a boys T-shirt to make a skirt for a dress,  and that's what I have done with this one too! Grey is not a color for me, so I had to fresh it up with a popping color like red,  and for the waistband I had this striped ribbon fabric. I have cut the neckline deeper at the back of the white top,  and I have used shoelaces around the neckline to tie it at the back of the dress.  I gather the shoulders of the sleeves and made pleats together at the hem, and decorated them with a buttons on the pleats!  I cut of the double layer of the back of the neck and zig-sag a red shoelace πŸ˜„