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Blouse with ruffled collar πŸ’™

The blouse is based on the same pattern as I used to make the  Dress with Ruffled-neck .   I have used crepe georgette that are a light and soft fabric. I have sewn the ruffle around the neck. Then I stitched the back layer for the slit on top of the seam-allowance at the back-part. The short sleeves are stitched in place. I have stitched a seam close to the ruffle so it stays in place. The hem are sewn and the blouse is finished. BurdaStyle pattern 114 02/21

Top made of Leftovers!

This is a cute top I made for our granddaughter. She chose the fabric in my stash,  but since I didn't have that much, I combined it with a grey sparkling jersey. I like to use all the leftovers I have left after different projects,  and it's usually great to make a top or T-shirt. This top is gathered both at the front- and the backpart, and at the shoulders as well. That's what the girl like ♥ I have used the same pattern as I did for  this Top from a Norwegian sewing magazine. 

Sweater with Pleated Sleeves!

  This is another sweater I made as a present, but I had to try it on first.. Sweatshirt fabric bought at I was curious to see this pattern as a finished garment.  I made the hoodie first befor I stitched it together eith the back- and front panel. I had to make the pleats before stitching it together with the panels. I decided to use a pop-up color for the ribbon to cheer it up the sweater :) BurdaStyle #102 03/2022

Adrienne Blouse with Flowers 🌹

This is a pattern that I just LOVE πŸ’— I have made several blouse both for myself and my friends :) This blouse was a present for one of my nieces. This is one of my  Adrienne Blouses   The blouse has a nice curve for the waistline, but of course you can make it straight if you like. I have stitched the double layer for the neck, and also stitched the hem with the serger. I think it's the sleeves that makes the blouse unique and wonderful. The sleeves has rubberband both at the shoulders and the hem. I cut the neckline straight at the back part.   Pattern from Fridaypattern company.

Girl's Dancing outfit!

Our granddaughter loves to dance and swirling around πŸ˜„ I bought these lovely fabric on my holiday in Tenerife, and I knew that our granddaughter would love the colours.  I have made one  Bodysuit  earlier for her. The bodysuit has rubber band around the neck and the legs. You can see the fabric is rather shiny. She had to try the outfit at once :) I made my own patter for a circle skirt. I was lucky and had exactly enough fabric to make a little shorts as well. BurdaStyle pattern #130 08/2020 I made the pink bodysuit for my friend's daughter.  - and also a skirt to match with the bodysuit.

Hats for Wintertime 🎩

I have always thought about making a hat ;) I found some wool fabric in my stash that was perfect for the project. The hat is made of a circle, two parts to connect with the circle,  and two layers as a finish around the hat. This is how it looks like without the hat brim. I have used wool without stretch, and I have to iron the seam veryt well. The hat brim has to be stitched together with the upper part.   My son wanted to try a hat as well :) This hat is made of knitted wool fabric that's make it a bit looser. I have used cotton voile as lining for both of the hats. Pattern is from Stoff & Stil