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Baby's Jacket & Pants with 🐭🦊

Jersey is great for sewing babies garments πŸ’Ÿ There is so many choices with different drawings, but I like this cute jersey with mice and foxes.  I decided to make a jacket and a pair of pants for our granddaughter. I stitched the shoulders together and attaching the sleeves,  before sewing the sleeves and the sides together. Then I stitched the zipper in place. At last I stitched the neck band, the cuffs and the waistband. I found the pattern in an old Burda Baby magazine from 13/89. This pattern was very easy, but interesting at the same time.  The pants have an insert at the bottom of the legs that makes it very cute. The pants have rubber band at the waist. Pattern from Ottobre Kids 04/2010  Since I had enough fabric, I made a little hat as well. The hat is made of a double layer of fabric. Since I didn’t have enough of the original fabric,  I decided to use a different fabric for the inner layer. The hat is rather cute with the small cuddle ears. Pattern from Ottobre Kids 01/2012

Flower Power!

I love Flower fabric and it makes me thrilled and Happy πŸ˜„ It's not often that I choose to make pleats like this.. The top has bust pleats, but I decided to stitch them as darts instead.  I have stitched the collar stand and the collar to the top. Then I stitched the side the waist band. I made a double layer of waist band so I could have one as a facing as well. Then the side seam with invisible zipper and the sleeves are stitched together. I have used viscose fabric so the skirt flows very nicely. The cuffs are curved and only one button close to the connecting seam. I like the pleats very much :) BurdaStyle pattern #101 01/2024

Baby's Suspender skirt 🌻

I bought this nice fabric from a sewing friend at FB. I thought it would be great for a suspender skirt for our granddaughter. Maybe she will be interested to work in the garden at a very early age πŸ˜‰ I tried to cut the pockets so the flowers should be seen. The pockets are stitched in place, but you have to look very closely. I have to cut two layers for the upper part, and the front pocket is in place. The skirt are sewn together and gathered at the front. - and the front part with suspenders are stitched together. Enjoying the nice weather ☼ I have used suspender clips, but I made button hole  for buttons so the suspender can be regulated.  BurdaStyle 05/1994

Stipes for ever!πŸ’—πŸ’™

  Stripes are always fun for sewing - even though you have to stitch the seams very carefully together..  I made a TR dress for an  Insta Story  with the same fabric earlier. I started sewing the shoulders toghether, then the neckband and the side seams. I stitched the side seams with narrow stitches on the sewing machine  before stitching them toghether with the overlock machine. A cool girl need a cool top πŸ˜„ I made the cuffs of ribbed jersey as well. Ottobre kids 04/2021 Since I had enough fabric left to make another T-shirt, The boy got one as well :) This T-shirt is made with short sleeves and blue ribbed jersey. Ottobre Kids pattern 04/2021