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Summerdress for a Sweet Girl πŸ’–

A lovely girl need to have a lovely dress πŸ’• She found the pattern for the dress that she wanted, and she chose the fabric as well πŸ˜‰ It's a lovely viscose fabric that are floating very well. First I stitched the facing around the neck. Then I have to mark where the flounces should stay. I hem the flounces wiht narrow zig-sag stitches and cut of the fabric narrow to the seam. Then I stiched the flounces for the sleeve holes before sewing the side seams.   She was very happy with her new dress, and said;  "I'm going to wear it on school next day" πŸ˜€ The back flounce are nicely bowed at the corners.  BurdaStyle Easy Kids 1/2022

Flower Power for Summer 🌺🌷

This is a fabulous pattern that I have used years ago, and I had to make it over again. The first time I made a dress like this was when I attended a Member Model Challenge  hosted by BurdaStyle and luckily I won the challenge,  and the price I won was a picture of myself on the patternπŸ˜… Second time I made a  Holiday Dress  and it's very delicious to wear a jersey dress like this. Even though the skirt is wide, it has a great shape at the waist.  The side pockets it a must have as well. I have used vlieseline under the facing around the V-neck. I have used the coverlock machine for the sleeve hem,  and also around the square hem for the dress. I have omitted the zipper at the back since I have used jersey fabric. I'm really looking forward to used this dress on holiday! ☼ BurdaStyle pattern #122 03/2015

Refashion Dress for Summer ☼

This is a Great dress for hot summer days! I have combined a top and a skirt together with a part of antoher top for the waistline. I have used the short sleeves for the lilac top earlier for another  Refashion Dress I made the red skirt some years ago, and since the elastic are not lasting that long,  I decided to cut a part of the top of the skirt to make it shorter. For the waistline  I have used a part of a knitted dress that I also have used for another project earlier. My lovey model MarenπŸ’œ looks great in my new refashion dress,  and I'm Happy how it turned out!

Flower Dress with Pleated Sleeves 🌸

  🌸🌸🌸 My HAPPY Flower-dress 🌸🌸🌸 This is a dress that I will enjoy wearing throughout the summer and I hope the weather will be nice! I started with seewing the split in front. Then I made the sleeves with the pleats at the shoulder. The sleeves are gathered at the hem with a split and then with connected cuffs. The cuffs has 2 buttonholes. The neck is finished with a double tie cut on bias. The wide of the skirt is just perfect! The pleats of the sleeves are very nice too. BurdsStyle pattern #115 04/2022