Refashion Collection ♥

Since I joined the Norwegian Sewingbee in 2017
I have been "hooked" on REFASHION! 😄

This is a Collection of refashion sewing for the last years.
I love to be an inspiration for others, and it has been a lot of FUN!
My dear girl-friends have supported me on local Catwalk's
which makes me very proud, and I'm very grateful 💖

If you like to have a look at a project, there is a link under each picture.

Some of my Lovely Models! 💕


This picture is from one of the first catwalk's we had 😊


  1. Fantastisk kjekt å sjå!! ❤️ Her e det utruligt flotte og fantastiske idéer som du vise��Knall fine farger på kjolene. Og så kjekt å få vera med på��

    1. Tusen takk for at du alltid stiller opp for meg gode Torunn! ♥

  2. Enjoyed looking through your collection, you're very talented

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely compliment dear Zsuzsa!


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