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Birthday Dress

I made this dress for  Sara's Birthday 💙 I bought the fabric for making pillows for the sofa in the living room, but ended up with sewing this dress instead... Turquoise is a lovely color for Sara, and I think it suits her very well. The square neck looks very nice, and I have used micro satin for lining. The pattern I chose to use was a bit loose, so I had to make some alternation for the front part to make it fit good. I have made a jersey  Tank Dress  earlier, and it's a great pattern.       Burdastyle pattern #106 08/2014

Blouse & Capris

 Another great fabric from the Sewing Bees visit to St Petersburg 😉 When I buy fabric I usually have an idea what to sew,  but normally I'm ending up sewing something quite different than I thought... Anyway, I was lucky to have enough fabric for both a blouse and capris. I followed the instruction for the blouse,  and it's the first time  I have made  this kind of split at the front.  It was a little challenge to make the rouleau loops and the underlap on the other side, and thereafter cut the slit open, but I managed!   Burdastyle pattern #117 07/2018       I started with the pattern for the "Slight flare Trousers" because I wanted to have pockets with the pleat decorations at the sides. While I was sewing the trousers, I thought it would be nice finish the legs with ties instead of flare, so therefore it's a combination of the both patterns. I'm really happy how it turned out 😄                    Burdastyle pattern # 12

I wish I could Fly...

I have used my sewing superpower for making this dress! 😂 I was very curious about the pattern, so I had to give it a try. The sleeves makes me in a good mood, so now I'm ready for a party! It was an easy dress to make, but I just had to find the right fabric in my stash. I think it can be nice in a plain color as well.             Burdastyle pattern #110 07/2018

Scuba Jacket

I totally fell in love with the Scuba fabric I came across in a nice shop in St Petersburg! I like graphic design and these are my favorite colors together. I had to cut out the pieces very carefully to match the pattern of the fabric.  It's black on the wrong side so I didn't have to use lining. It's also stretchy and very comfy to wear 😊 I have made a "Newspaper" Jacket  of the same pattern earlier and I like this style very much!             BurdaStyle pattern #112 7/2008

Randi's Dress ♥

This is my husband's lovely daughter with her new dress and her fabulous grandmother💗  I have used a pattern  I've made  once before from BurdaStyle 1/2009.  It's an easy pattern, but it's "all about the sleeves"😊 The fabric is courtelle jersey which is a little heavier than viscose jersey. Since it's stretchy fabric I have used twin-needles for the sleeves and hem.          Four Generations! BurdaStyle pattern #106 1/2009