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TR Dress with Embroidery & Ruffles!

This is another challenge I made for the TR course that I attended on the web  hosted by Shingo Sato. I couldn't leave the front panel in a drawer, so I decided to make a dress. This is the same pattern as I used to make the  TR Dress with Stripes This is how the finished challenge should look like. I decided to to adjust the neck and the arm holes.  I inserted one of my embroidery that I have made on the sewing machine on the back ♪♫ The short sleeves are stitched on the top  and I have inserted rubberband at the shoulders. I have also inserted rubberband at the sleeve hem and inserted an invisible zipper  at the left side, and gathered the first ruffle.

Corset seam Bamboo!

This was a great Challenge! At first I had to make the pattern to fit the body. Then I made the drawing of the lines how the pattern should be. Then I had to make the inserts and foldings.   The pattern is finished, and cut out. I have to stitch one folding at the time. Project is finished!

Linen Summer Outfit! 🌞

I'm in love with Green for the moment πŸ’š I bought this nice linen fabric online from Lituania. It has very tiny stripes, but that makes it even more interesting. I had exactly enough to make both a jacket and a skirt. I have made the jacket with Tulips  of the same pattern before. I found the skirt pattern in an old magazine. The skirt has a little split at the one side. All the pieces are cut out, and I was so happy that I manage to cut out a skirt as well :) I started with sewing the inserts for the skirt, and then the zipper at the back panels. To stitch very narrow the zipper from the hem and up I have to change the sewing-foot. The invisible zipper are stitched in place. The skirt is finished, but I have to make the lining.    I had to leave an opening for the split at the side.       BurdaStyle pattern from 07/97  I have stitched the pleats for the front panels,  - amd for the back panel. Side seams are stitched, and the sleeves have to be stitched. I have used fish-pads for

Baby's Body πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  I made a jersey body with sheeps for a sweet little baby-girl πŸ’• I have used an easy pattern from Ottobre Kids. The body has ribbon all around the edges and the sleeves.   Ottobre kids pattern 06/2013