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Printed Palmtree Dress 🌴

  I've had this pattern for a while, and now I found the time to try it! It's from Stitch & Sew, a German magazine and I have used linen fabric  bought at  Rainbow Fashion . I made a  Blazer  for my son last summer of the same fabric. I started to make the bustier top. It thought it looks rather big, but when I stitch it together it was all right. The back part has quare neck that I really like. It was a bit tricky to make the pleats for the skirt, but I manage and this is how they are both in front- and the back of the skirt.  I have sewn the pleats together at the top. At last I made the belt that is aprox 4 cm wide with tie to turn around the waist and knot. I'm Happy how the dress turned out 😊 Stitch & Sew pattern 1/2011

Linen Top with Flowers 🌼

I had a piece left of this lovely fabric after I made the Linen Dress with Pleats ,  and it was exactly enough to make this top!  The  Linen Pants  are from an earlier project.  I started with sewing the breast inserts. Then I made a plit at the back insted of sewing a seam. I have used a double layer of fabric on bias around the neck, stitched it at the right side,  then stitced very closely to the seam, turned it inside and stitched again. The sleeves are made of a double layer, and the inner sleeve are smaller than the outer sleeve, that makes a nice balloon effect. The outer sleeve are also gathered at the hem. The sleeve is connected to the top, and I think it looks very nice. I'm using the other side of the seam-rip to make a loop for the button at the back of the top. Ta-da! Top is finished! πŸ˜‰ BurdsStyle pattern #110 03/2022

Girl's summer clothes! 🌸🌞

  SHIP O'HOY! πŸ“£ It's always nice to go on a boat-trip in summertime 🚀  This young lady has chosen the fabric and decided she wanted to have a sweater and a skirt. I found the pattern in Burda Easy Kids 1/2022 and I made a jacket instead of a sweater. The jacket should be open, but I thought it was better to close it with a zipper. It has 7/8 long sleeves, but when she tried the jacket, she wanted to have longer sleeves. Therefore I lengten the jacket sleeves with pink cuffs. Pattern from  Burda Easy Kids Since I had enough fabric to make a skirt, even though it was a mini-skirt, I made one as well. Pattern from  Burda Easy Kids I also had enouogh fabric to make a par of shorts for her. The shorts has side-pockets as well, so she is happy πŸ˜„ Pattern from  Burda Easy Kids

Green for Summer πŸ’š

I bought this lovely fabric from  Stoffogstil  and thouth it would be great for a summer dress.  The fabric is modal twill batic and it's soft and fluffy at the same time. The pattern is from BurdaStyle June 2022. I like the feminine curvy princess seams and the flared skirt.  The included cap-sleeves are great too.  Since the fabric was a bit transparent I have used a double layer for the front part. BurdaStyle #114-115 06/2022