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Happy Moments!πŸ˜„

This is not my new years eve dress,  but I'm sure this dress will gives me Happy Moments during 2021!πŸŒžπŸŽ€πŸŽ‰ This is how my pattern looks like from the beginning, - and this is when it's finished! I lay the pattern on the fabric and fold it, then it's ready to start sewing. This is the right side when it's finished, - and this is how it looks like on the wrong side. For the skirt I have used a BurdaStyle pattern from 06/2018 with side pockets. Voila - The dress is finished! I have used cotton voile as lining for the upper part,  but no lining for the skirt this time.  BurdaStyle 06/2018

Boy's "Monkey" Shirt πŸ‘•

A T-shirt is great to wear for a sweet little boy 😊 This is a quick project, but it't nice sewing with such lovely fabric. I have combined both short and long sleeves together in lack of fabric.  

Origami for Christmas πŸ’—

My lovely model and fiancΓ© for our youngest son πŸ’ž This is another Origami Technique from Shingo Sato with down folded pleats and two different fabric.  The pattern is made from the upper body and you can see how it's folded. It's cuton the right side of fabric and foldet. This is how it looks like on the wrong side. Then it's ready to stritch together. The front part is finished.  I have used BurdaStyle pattern #104 06/2016 for the skirt of the dress, but I have adjusted the front so it would match the seam-line of the top. I have used a BurdaStyle pattern for the skirt of the dress. BurdaStyle pattern #104 06/2016.

Refashion & Color Blocking!

It's fun to play with colors and different garments! This is a cotton jacket I didn't use anymore and had put aside. I thought it would be nice to use it as a top for a "new" dress! I have used the skirt of the wool dress and also cut a bit of the sleeves to use as a pop-up color. At first I did sew the bottom of the green/blue sweater as a waistband, but when I was working with the dress I found out that it would be better to use it as a collar instead. Therefore I change it and used a black wool ribbon fabric at the waistline instead. Then, I'm very happy with the outcome! πŸ˜‰