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Dress with ruffled neck!

I had more fabric left after I made the Flowerful Dress , and it was great for this pattern! The fabric is light cotton and it's delicious to wear :)  I have cut out all the parts, and I'm always curious how it will turn out. The back seam are stitched with long stitches, so it's easy to open afterwards. The ruffles are stitched around the neck. The short sleeves are stitched in place, - and the layer for the slits are stitched on top of the seam before I open the seam The dress were perfect to wear on a hot sunny day ☼ BurdaStyle pattern #113 02/2021

Girl's Sparkling dress!

The girl knows what she like! She was happy that she could choose fabric from the web, and tell her gandma' what she want! Of course it has to be a sparkling fabric✨  I made a  Velvet Dress  with bows of the same pattern earlier. The upper part are gathered at the seam in front. I have used the same fabric on the wrong side for the bias around the neck. The long sleeves are gathered at the lower seam as well.   I have used invisible rubber-band at the waist line to gather the skirt.   Then the bows are made. I have hand stitched the bows in place and used sparling stones  in the middle of the bow as decoration.  Ottobe kids pattern 06/2012

Holiday Blouse 🌴

I've had this fabric for a while and thought it would be great for a blouse, but I've not found the right pattern to use until now. The blouse has V-neck and are gathering under the bust. The 3/4 wide sleeves are gathered at the shoulders as well. It has a zipper at the back, but I could take it on and off without using the zipper. In fact there is an easy instruction in the magazine for this pattern at BurdaStyle 02/21.  All the pattern parts are cut out. I started with sewing the shoulders together. I stitched the facing around the neck and connect the lower parts to the upper parts. Then I stitched the zipper in place and connected the sleeves. The blouse is made of light cotton fabric and is very fluffy to wear  when the weather is sunny and warm :) BurdaStyle pattern #111 02/21

Hi-Low Colorful Blouse!

I love this pattern and it's always nice to try it in another fabric. I bought this nice wool-blend in Prague when visiting this summer. It's very soft and delicious to wear. Here is an earlier blouse I made  with hi-low hem .  I cut all the parts except from the sleeves that are going to be in black transparent fabric. I used microsatin for the facing of the upper-backpanel. I hand-stitched the collar-stand in place instead of top-stitching with the sewing machine. Since the hem are curvy I stitched it in place before sewing the side seams. I really love these buttons :) BurdsStyle #111 02/2020

Origami Collar - Two different ways!

  This origami collar is made as tree-layers on top of each other.   I learned these techniques when I attend a course hosted by Shingo Sato. The basic pattern for the half front is made and I have started with the bust-insert. Then the pleats for the collar is made. This is how the pattern looks like when you fold the pleats together. - and this is on the wrong side. I have to cut the pattern in two pieces, and it's important to fold the pleats together  so you know where to fold it when stitching it together. I would prefer to use cotton fabric. The collar is finished. The second collar has three-layers inside each other.  I can use the same pattern, I just have to turn it opposite. I cut the same pattern, but fold the pleast inside instead of outside. The pattern are ready to be stitched together. This is how the collar turns out.