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Fluffy Skirt Dress for my Birthday💥

This is a pattern I have wanted to try for a long time, but not foumd the right fabric before now! This is a fabric I fell in love with, and it's bought at  These colors are so nice together! 💗🧡 I started with sewing the four darts for the front top of the dress. - and then, the darts at the back of the top. I stitched the facing together with the lining that are made of cotton voile. It's important to iron very carefully around the neck. I have also stitched an inner seam around the neck. The sleeves are rather wide and I have used elatcik as a finish at the sleeve hem. The top is finished with the sleeves in place. The skirt has two layers of front panels and one double back panel. This is one of the front panels before I have stitched the hem for the flounce. BurdaStyle pattern #116 08/2018 Me and my good friends are celebrating our birthday together 🎉

Maxi Dress for a Wedding!

My lovely niece wanted to have a colorful dress for a wedding, and she loves this kind of style that I have made once before, so it was an easty choice! The pattern is from BurdaStyle 04/2021. I made the facing for the upper part to the seam line so it was easy to open and close the top.  I made ruleau to fit the buttons. Shiny buttons are great :) The top is finished with the sleeves that have elastic at the sleeve hem. The first flounce are gathered and stiched together. The skirt is finished and ready to stitch together with the top. - and the dress is finished! I made a bow and handkerchief for her husband to match the dress. BurdaStyle pattern #102 04/2021

Colorful Skirt!

  I just had to try this pattern from BurdaStyle 03/2023 💘 I found some colorful cotton fabric in my stash that was exactly enough to make the skirt. The upper part of the skirt has 3 pieces of fabric and the zipper at the left side. The Top is from an earlier project. The skirt panels are gathered to fit the upper panels. I have used cotton foile as lining for the upper part, but not any lining for the flounce. I'm happy with the skirt and how it turned out 😉 BurdaStyle pattern #107 03/2023