FINALLY, the PREMIER has come! ♥


I have to admit that I didn't sleep very well the night before we started next morning...
We stayed at Thon hotel Rosencrantz which is a nice and cozy hotel.

We had to be ready for photoshoot at 07.15! The city of Bergen is nice in the morning :)
Here are the best SEWING FRIENDS! ♥

We were so excited, nervous and “filled with butterflies”, 
and we didn't know what to expect for the first assignment of sewing.

For each episode we have to fulfill 3 projects within the time limit:

  1. A pattern project witch you have to follow very carefully. The time limit may be different from a project to another.
  2. A transformation project. Time limit: 1 hour 30 min.
  3. A project which you have planned at home. Time limit may be different from a project to another.

The first assignment was to sew a WRAP SKIRT of brocade fabric, 

and we had 2 hours to finish the skirt.

I fell in love with a lovely orange Chinese Brocade. 
At that time I didn't realize that we also could choose cotton brocade.

I was really frustrated about the waistband because it should be longer at one side, 
and I wanted to have the seam in the middle at the back part..

It was a big challenge with the Chinese brocade, 
but I did manage to finish it at the last minute!

I was so Happy to be chosen as no. 2!

Tanja got the first price! (the second from left)

We were so excited to receive the next mission!

We were supposed to sew a Party Dress reflex vests!

The limit was 5 pcs, and we had to finish the dress in one and a half hour!

 I couldn't understand why nearly everyone choose the yellow vests,
and I decided to go for the green once.


When I came to my sewing place I recognize that the green vests where for children, 
and it was not so easy to make an adults dress for these cute vests... 


 I had to improvise, and I used the vest back-forward and made a little gathering in front with a gathered skirt. It turned out to be a mini-dress for a young girl :)
When I saw all the others nice dresses, I was so disappointed for the outcome of mine..

Finally time to drink water...!

 When the judge saw my dress, they called it a teenager dress, 

but I was really HAPPY when I got the second place for this as well! :) 

- and Tanja got the first place this time too! (the dress to the right)

Next day we had the last project for this episode:

We should make cozy pants which we also could use on disco. 
For this project we had 2 hours 30 min.
We had to prepare the pattern and fabric at home, and here are my choice of fabric:

Black coted jersey with snake print, dog print and orange jersey.  

To make sure that I could reach the time limit I had to practice at home.
This is my first sample:
I made a sparkle blue bank at the bottom of the legs.

Then I change my mind and decided to use orange, my favorite color, 
together with black and dog print.
When we started I was afraid that I couldn’t reach the time limit, so I decided to omit zippers or the blue sparkle at the bottom of the legs, even though I saw that I could have done it later on…

 Photo: Marit Hommedal

I was ready 10 minutes before the time limit and I was so relieved!

 I had to reach out a hand for Yasser to help him with his shoes :)

Then we had to go catwalk to show our new FANCY PANTS!
Our host asked if some of us had gone catwalk before, and I was the only one..

 Photo: Marit Hommedal

When I came forward to the judge, Tine and Andreas, 
I got nice compliments for my jacket as well 
– and that made me really proud, even though it didn’t show on the TV. 

Tine said; "You are ambitious", and I said "yes, I am".

We didn’t get a placement for this project. 

The judge chose “the project of the week” 
and of course Monica was really happy to get this score!

We were so HAPPY that no one had to leave the show!! :)

Next epispde of #symesterskapet will take place at Monday 6th of Novemer at 19.45!


We are ready for new assignments! 

 The old Hop factory where we did all recordings.

Today, me and Jan were dressed up in my favorite color; 

For each episode we had to change sewing places, 
and today I had the first on right hand side. 

The first challenge this morning was to sew a dress with straps and clips of African wax fabric within 2 hours 45 minutes!

I was lucky to find this colorful African print fabric! I cut the pieces of pattern so it should match the pattern of the fabric, but after all we got to know that this was not a requirement.. When I should make the gathering for the skirt I got a lot of trouble because it turned out to be glue on my fabric... Luckily I managed at the last moment..!

I had to show Yasser how the part should be sewn together... 

All dresses on line and we are so excited to hear what the judge, 
Tine and Andreas will comment.

Photo: Tore Zakariassen
I got a lot of nice compliments.... YEAH !! ♥

The first and second place remain, and me and Monica are so EXCITED!! 

I was soooooo HAPPY when I got the first place!!

Second challenge was to make children clothes of men's shirt within 1 and a half hour!

We could choose maximum three shirts.
My choice was the red flannel shirt,
but I didn't know what I was going to make..

At the end Ingrid took the mannequin doll sewing with the skirt on,
while Bjørg is watching :)  

I called my outcome an inspired Japanese top with skirt.

I have used the collar opening on one side of the top, 
and the sleeve cuffs as lining for the skirt.

The judges were impressed of all the nice children clothes.

We had to mix the mannequin dolls so the judge shouldn't know 
who had made the different costumes. 

I was very happy to receive nice compliments!

          I was chosen to be no. 2 !

Tanja won the first place ! 
Foto: Tore Zakariassen

So - So HAPPY TO BE NR. 2 ;-)

To be continued for the SECOND PART of the SEWING BEE.....

We started the morning with cofee and smalltalk around the table :)

The 3rd challenge for this episode was to sew a canvas-jacket for gentlemen models within        4 hours and 30 minutes

I have been practising at home since I had to check that I could reach the time limit.
This is my first test jacket:

And this is my second test jacket:

Me and Monica had to share the model:
young and handsome Kristoffer.

We had to messure the pattern with the model
to check if the jacket would fit.

The jacket is based on BurdaStyle pattern #124 10/2007

The fabric I have chosen is 100% linen together with maritime gobeline.

I thought I had enough time, but at the end I was really stressed! The last 10 minutes I had to sew the pocket flaps, the front flap, put in the waistband, and get the buttons in place....!
... and iron it of course !
HURRY UP our host, Christine is shouting...! 


                         Trudie                                  Tanja

                         Ingrid L.                                 Monica

                          Jan                                      Bjørg

                         Yasser                                     Ingrid B


Foto: Tore Zakariassen

Kristoffer did a great catwalk !

                                              My jacket with details

I was so HAPPY to receive nice compliments from the judges !

...but they missed the Canvas-fabric !

I was really sad that I've chosen wrong fabric for the challenge..

The judges are discussing who is going to win the garment of the week,
and who has to leave the competition.....!

Yasser was very happy to win the price !

Then to the very SAD decision.....
unfortunately Jan has to leave the show.........!
He started sewing 2 years ago, and he has impressed the judges with his sewing skills !

Everyone wanna give him a BIG hug ! We miss you Jan ♥

Next episode: Monday the 13th of November


We are ready for NEW ASSIGNMENTS!

One of the judge where missing,

 but the QUEEN of TRANSFORMATION; Jenny Skavlan entered the scene!

We were so excited what we were going to make..

Jenny had a lot of old embroidered tablecloths and curtains in her suitcase!

We had to sew a tunic/dress within 2 hours 45 minutes!

All the nice tablecloths I found, I lost to one of the another's,
and I lost 3 pcs which I liked very much!

Our host, Christine was very frustrated of my behalf.... 

I tried to use a table cloth with embroidery at first, but it was to little,
so I change my mind and combine a linen table cloth together with a shiny curtain.

At first I turned the rubber band at the top, so I had to turn it back,
but managed it at the last minute!

Yeah! We did it! :)

At first Jenny thought this combination has weird,
but she change her mind and I got a lot of nice compliments!

I was HAPPY to be chosen as no. 3!

Big smile from Bjørg which got the second placement! :)
Monica was so Happy to be number one!

Second challenge was to transform old men's garments for a young boy for 16-years within        1 hour and 45 minutes!

I was lucky to choose a red weather-jacket (which was the only garment with color....!)
I thought it would be nice to sew a shorts with big pockets.

Since I didn't have enough fabric I used a pyjamas jacket combined with the weather-jacket.

Within 1 hour 45 minutes all the different garment were finished. 

The judge were impressed with my outcome!

I got a lot of nice compliments, and I was Happy to be number 4!

Tanja got the 3rd placement, Trudie the 2nd,
and Ingrid was so Happy to receive the first placement!

We were so HAPPY for Ingrid, she deserved it! ♥

We are ready for a new challenge! 

The 3rd challenge for this episode was to transform 2-3 garments and make an evening dress for a 16-year old girl within 3 hours 30 minutes.

All the models are ready and waiting with our sewing-places.

My choices to transform were a lace dress and a kimono from my wardrobe, both bought in Japan. I feel the garments are a bit of my soul.. :)

I wanted to impresse the judges with a Japanese technics on the front part of the dress.
It's not an applicque as it says on the drawing. 
Normally you sew an applique on the garment and it's much easier, 
but I made a draped heart and sew it together with the front part.

I had to try the dress on my lovely model Malene to see how much I had to adjust.

I used the pink part of the kimono to make the draped heart. I also had to make some inserts at the shoulders and the side panels to make it fit better.

Malene is a Lovely model and the dress fits perfectly! ♥

Foto: Tore Zajariassen

Jenny said the dress was very sweet, and too sweet for a young girl,
but I disagree with her ....!

Foto: Tore Zajariassen
 Monica                                   Brage

    Yasser                                  Ingrid B.

 Bjørg                                  Ingrid L.

 Trudie                                        Tanja

Brage's dress was chosen to the best garment this week!

Then to the very SAD part;
Ingrid had to leave the competition.......!

We will miss you, Lovely Ingrid ♥

Next Episode Monday the 20th of November!


We are ready for new challenges! 

First challenge this morning was to sew a lace bra within 2 hours 45 minutes!

 We could choose from delicate lace fabric.

 I'm explaining how to lay the fabric on the fabric for Yasser.

 We were confused by the pattern which told us to use 6 mm seam, 
so we had to find the right sewing foot.

 It was a bit tricky to sew, so everyone had different challenges,
but Brage turned the model back-forward, so the bra didn't fit so well :)


Foto: Tore Zakariassen

  I got nice compliments from the judges and
was HAPPY to be no. 3!

 Brage got the first place and Yasser no. 2!

We were interviewed 3 times a day.

Second Challenge was a transformation project - to sew a garment of wool underwear within 1 hour 30 minutes!

We are so excited for the next challenge!

Starting shoot 1-2-3!

I was lucky to find my favorite colors, orange and blue :)

I got two tops with long sleeves and two underwear with long legs.

If I had enough fabric I was going to make a dress with bell sleeves and pleats on the shoulders. 

Ingrid is making a big braid to use on her top.
Trudie was nice to give me an orange T-shirt, then I could make a dress!

Christine was worried about me, and what I was doing when I was cutting the sides open to insert the "legs" of the underwear to use as a belt at the waist.
...but I was sure it should be nice!

Our host is taking a nap ZZZzzz...

Bjørg has finished her two pcs- set, and is relaxing together with Christine ♥
2 minutes to go!

 The judges were impressed by all the nice garments made on such short time!

Foto: Tore Zakariassen

The judges examined carefully the pleats, if  both sides was the same,
and were surprised. Yes they are!

I was HAPPY to be no. 2!

- and of course Monica was Happy to be no. 1!

The last challenge this episode was to sew a luxurious bathrobe with a creative belt within           3 hours 30 minutes!

I had to practice to reach the time limit! 
My first test is based on Burdastyle pattern #114 12/2016 but was to complicated, 
so I tried BurdaStyle pattern #128 11/2009 and made a Obi Wrap belt instead.

 We had prepared the pattern and fabric at home, so it was just to give it a go!
  Monica and me started with a big Hug!

 Trudie and me shared the table for cutting the fabric.

My choice was pink micro-satin and viscose fabric.


I had to start sewing as fast as I could, because I new it was very hard to complete the bathrobe..

Tine thought the vliseline I had chosen was to heavy, and I could see it when I was ironing it on the micro-satin..

 Monica had a very lovely fabric as well, 
but of course everyone was struggling with the time limit!
 Christine tried to cheer me to complete in time...
 The last minutes counts for everyone!

 Our host needed a break.....
 Everyone is ready for Catwalk!

 Our judge, Andres said to me; that was a little cute one..
 and all of us were laughing..

 They had to check all the details;
 if I had sewn stitches close to the seam inside the pockets,
 and underneath of the collar.
 Tanja                                    Yasser 
 Bjørgen                                     Brage
 Ingrid                                     Monica 
 The hardest thing for the judges are to decide who has to leave the competition..

 First they choose the best project of the week;
 and Tanja was Happy to get it!

 Unfortunately Bjørg Elisabeth had to leave...

 We will miss you our good and fabulous seamstress! ♥


We are ready for a new Challenges!

Christine is thinking of Mark in Bridget Jones Diary :)

Our first challenge is to sew a Christmas Sweater with a Huge Applique on the front part - Time limit: 3 Hours! 

I'm going to make "Musevisa
It's a Norwegian song about the mice who celebrate X-mas.
If no one get into the mousetrap, they will all celebrate X-mas next year!  


 Andreas ask me if I'm going to use the sewing machine for every thing,

and I say: "Yes, or can I glue it?" 

Time limit is out and I,m sewing as fast as I can!    

It's our Princess Ingrid's birthday and we celebrate her in the break.  
 Ready for ranking!

 I was very Happy with my outcome!

 Andreas said that the seams are perfectly sewn,
 but Tine said; "We miss all the Christmas decoration!"

I told that the mice didn't have time to do all the decoration.

I got the 5th place and Brage with the Santa Claus got the first place,
and Monica with the cow got the second place.


Our second Challenge is to sew a Party Outfit of totally 5 scarves - Time Limit:                               1 hour 30 minutes!

 We are so excited, but it's not easy to chose!

 For the first time I didn't chose orange!
 Concentrating about the project.

The skirt is going to be very fluffy for this party-dress!  


 The judges said that it's nice, creative and a fun idea.

  I got the 4th place and Trudie got the 1st!  

 She was so overwhelmed and we were very Happy for her!

The last Challenge for this episode was to sew a Wool Poncho or Cape for a girl within              4 hours 30 minutes!

This is a drawing of the Marfy pattern I chose to use.
The cape should have paspels for the hands and a collar or a hood.
I also chose to make two paspels buttonholes.

I had to practice to make sure that I could reach the time limit.
First I made the red one, but had to speed up, and made a new one in blue as well. 

Morning coffee!

I met my lovely model Leah for the first time.

We are ready!
I had to measure the model to check if my pattern would fit.  

I bought the wool fabric at Skaar Tekstil and it's a good quality.

Our host, Christine ask me about my plans.

I'm concentrating of sewing the paspels. 
Me and Brage are working side by side.

Button holes is coming next.

The judges are looking at my project.

The cape is fitting
very well :)

My choice of lining are satin with stretch, so it was a challenge!

NRK visit me at our home.

I'm ironing a dress, and getting ready for photo shooting!

My lovely husband is 
my photographer :)

                             He said that he is proud of me ♥

I'm working with the collar. 

What do you
Time is running fast!
 The models are ready, and Monica are working on the last finish.

2 minutes to go!

I'm hand-stitching the lining to the paspel openings.

I think Leah looks fabulous in her new cape! 

 Foto: Tore Zakariassen

Tine said that the paspels where perfect.
She also said that she was serious impressed by the lining!

WOW! I was so HAPPY!

 Trudie                                               Yasser
 Tanja                                             Ingrid     
  Monica                                       Brage

The judges has decided for the masterpiece of the week:

and it was MY cape! 

I'M SO HAPPY ! ;-)

Then to the very sad thing:
Trudie had to leave the competition!

It makes us very sad too! 

We will miss you Lovely Trudie!!! ♥



  Vi are ready for new challenges!

First challenge was to sew a blouse with a flounce within 3 hours 30 minutes! 

I found this nice cotton, but didn't like the color so I change the fabric to a polyester, 
but that was not a good idea!

  I decided to use plain red as a second color.

 This is how it works!

I'm concentrating for sewing the flounce. 
 I'm trying to figure out which way the flounce is going to be sewn.

 Tine is whispering to Andreas that my fabric is not a good choice!

  Tanja is struggeling with her black vlies...


 We are excited to hear what the judges have to say.
 Tine tells us that everyone have chosen wrong fabric, and she shows us which one we could have picked, and that was the one I was holding in my hands! 

The judge said that my blouse was perfect except from 
the flounce that I had been sewing on the wrong side. 
Tine also said that it really doesn’t matter what side the flounce is placed, 
therefore I was really surprised when I got the second last place.


Foto: Tore Zakariassen
I was NOT happy to receive the second last place!

Ingrid got the last place and was not happy at all..


  Brage was Happy to receive the first place!

Second Challenge was to transform a blazer, belonging to Andreas, to something feminine within 2 hours!

 I have not been fast enough to select the garments, I have tried to improve, 
but still I’ am always one of the last. Therefore I ended up with the brown blazer. 

 The judge are so surprised !

This was my original plan.
I was so sure that we were going to make something of plastic bags, 
so I decided to try this Technic with the blazer, 
but since the fabric was very heavy, it was not easy to make pleats on the collar.   

 Foto: Tore Zakariassen

 I was not happy to receive the last place!

Ingrid got the first place, and she was so HAPPY!

Of course I couldn't give up!

The last Challenge this Episode was to sew a raincoat with sealed seams within                                5 Hours 30 minutes! 

I had to make a test raincoat at home to be sure that I could reach the time limit!

I didn't have the same fabric as I chose for my original project, but at least I could try making the paspel pockets with the raincoat fabric.

 We are always ready for new excitements!
 I had to measure my model to see that my patterns would fit good.

I'm always challenging my self, so my choice of fabric was a bit tricky to work with since it was quilted lining covered with plastic, but I hoped the judges would give me credit for it.      

I combined the quilted fabric with yellow raincoat fabric to make it more special.

I'm working with the paspels for the pockets opening, and I used more time than expected since the fabric was heavy. I hoped the judges would give me some credit for it.  

We had to use a kind of raincoat glue band for all the seams, and it took a lot of time, but I was happy with my curved raglan sleeves.

 Raincoat with paspel pockets sounds complicated Christine says.

Tine says to Andres that Ellen still have a lot to finished.
She thinks that I probably would not be finished in time, but I did!

 I'm a perfectionist, so I had to sew the zipper twice this time..
I do not hope you have a lot more to do, Christine says.

 Foto: Tore Zakariassen

I was really HAPPY with my raincoat and how it turned out! Tine said it was a great idea with the magnet buttons in front.
I was a little disappointed that the judges didn't mention my nice paspel-pockets and my hoodie. I decided to use two seams instead of one seam for the hoodie to make it looks nice, and I also lined it with black satin.

The judges said that the top stitches was beautiful, and the raglan sleeves looks nice, 
and the seams are nicely prepared with the glue tape.
Then they pointed out that I should have drawstring at the waist,
and I did sew it properly, but didn't have time to put the waistband in place.

Tanja's raincoat 

 Ingrid's raincoat

 Yasser's raincoat

 Monica's raincoat

Brage's raincoat

I still hope to stay and show more of my creativity. 
 The judges are discussing who has to leave the competition.

 Congratulations to Monica who wun the masterpiece of the week!

 Then to the sad thing; 
Two persons had to leave the competition this time.

       I didn't want it to be me, but sadly the judges had decided
                               that me and Ingrid had to leave.

Of course I hoped to continue since I have been practicing very hard.

I fulfilled most of the challenges in the competition and I'm leaving the show with a Good Feeling.

I was sure to be able to show my sewing skills in the next episode, but I will share the next challenge of my test-projects on my blog! 


The first challenge was to sew a Mondrian Dress within 3 hours 45 minutes! 

I have always wished to make a Mondrian Dress like this. 
Since it was the first challenge of the Sewing Bee Episode 7
I just had to make one!

I didn't have any pattern, but I used the same pattern as I used when 
I won the Member Model Challenge with the Asymmetric Collar Shift Dress
I adjusted the pattern and draw the lines on the front part.

Monica got the first place
Brage got the second place
Tanja the third place and 
Yasser the last place.

Second challenge was to make a transformation of bicycle tires within 1 hour 30 minutes!

Monica was the winner!
Tanja                                                 Brage
Yasser got the last place 

The last challenge this episode was to make a statement jacket with inspiration from The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Album within 5 hours 30 minutes!

I have practice a lot for the last challenge of this episode, to be sure to reach the time limit.
We were allowed to cut the pieces of fabric before the clock started ticking.

My first test jacket was to complicated and took much more time than expected.

My second test jacket was also to much time consuming.
This jacket is based on Burdastyle pattern #121 06/2016

Then I was happy with my third choice of pattern.

For all the jackets I have made paspels as decoration were the buttons are.
To be quite sure that I could reach the time limit, 
I chose to make another test jacket like this.

I was wearing the jacket in the last episode :)

My plan was to use lemon linen with black details, and with the same lining for the challenge. This jacket is still not made..





 Tanja got the masterpiece  of the week!

Unfortunately Yasser had to leave the competition.


The first challenge for the final was to sew a pleated shirt within 4 hours 30 minutes!

Monica was the lucky winner of the shirt!

Second Challenge was to transform ties to a statement garment within 1 hour 30 minutes.

 The judges are impressed of the stylish ties outfit!
  Monica                                          Brage
Tanja was the winner!
 The host, Christine decided that she would like to chose the masterpiece of the day!
Tanja made this underwear of ties for fun :)

Everyone where laughing!

The final assignment was to sew a nice Bride Dress within 6 hours 30 minutes!

Brage's Bride Dress 

Monica's Bride Dress

Tanja's Bride Dress

Happy seamstress' all together again! ♥

 The judges have to decide who is the Best Amateur Seamstress of 2017

 We were suppose to see all the garment we have been sewing since the show started, 
173 pieces all together!

  We are studying Trudie's beautiful tranformation garment.

 The finalist are here!

The price is this beautiful Prymadonna!

 The finalists are so EXCITED!

 And the winner is: TANJA!


Kristin is the manager of the production team.

We are so HAPPY for YOU!😍

I have been practicing to sew a Bride Dress.

I had to practice to make a Bride Dress for the Final assignment for the Sewing Bee.

I have used satin for the dress, and for the body I have used a layer of lace fabric on the top.

To make it a bit special I chose to use another color as lining, and I made the lining approx 5 cm longer than the skirt of the dress.

I think the back of the top is very neath with the v-neck.

This is the original which I was going to sew in the competition.

As you can see of the picture I decided to use a very nice silk satin for the dress.

The lace is transparent and perfect for the top.  

I have used the neon satin as a little detail of the back of the shoulders and also as lining for the skirt. 

I cut the lining a bit longer than the skirt so you can see it at the hem. 

Since it is neon it's also shining  through the white skirt, and I think it makes it very nice.

I'm very HAPPY with my outcome ♥



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