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Origami Jacket 💦

This is another jacket I've made with petal origami on one sleeve, and pocket origami on the right side. I have used linen fabric this time, but I will prefer to use cotton. This is how I start to make the pattern for the sleeve. The pattern looks very long when it's finished. Here you can see the pattern when it's folded, both on the right side and on the wrong side. This is after the folding and before I start the sewing. This is the progress - - and how the sleeve looks like when it's finished. This is the pattern I've made for the right side of the jacket. The yellow squares are the pocket. The origami pocket is in place, and I've sewn a dart on the other side, and cut a V-neck. The dress is from an earlier project. I'm Happy with the outcome! The jacket is based on BurdaStyle pattern #134 05/2018  

Girl's 🌺 Dress

Flower fabric is a great choice for a girl's dress 🌺 I have used a blouse pattern, but lengthened it so it could be a dress. Nearly every girl loves to wear a dress! This time I have combined the fabric with a pop-up color for the short sleeves  that are finished with flower fabric at the hem. I have used the cover lock machine to finish the hem of the dress,  but you can easily use a double needle with the sewing machine as well.  BurdaStyle #130 12/2019 I have made a Blouse earlier of the same pattern.  

Jacket with Spiral Sleeve & Origami Pocket💚

  It's not often that I use green fabric for sewing, but I have to improve and challenge myself! Green is the color most commonly associated with Nature, Vivalcity and Life 💚 Even though it's winter in Norway I had to put a summerdress on to match my jacket😉 This is a new pattern made for a Spiral Sleeve. I cut it out, fold it in place, and then sew it together. ORIGAMI POCKET This was a bit tricky to make, but I manage. I found a pattern I wanted to use for the jacket, therefore I had to cut the front part in a curve. I have combine the two green fabric, so I could use both the spiral sleeve and the origami pocket. The dress I'm wearing is from a BurdaStyle Challenge that I was Happy to win! I have made a  Black Jacket  of the same pattern earlier that I like a lot. My Image 02/2011