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Asymmetrical Wrap Dress!

This is quite an interesting pattern - and really Fun sewing :) I had to use the whole floor to make the pattern - and then to cut it out of the fabric! I also had to mark all the pleats very carefully. I started with the pleats for the shoulders and the the sides. The dress looks very different on both sides. Pattern is from drape drape 3.  

Little Girl's Dress 🐑

Kids love to wear Jersey - it's comfy to wear, easy to move and play in.  A dress with pink sheep is great for a sunny day!  It makes me glad to hear that my niece's daughter 💕  was very happy when she got the dress :) I have used a blouse pattern from BurdaStyle, but lengthened the skirt.  BurdaStyle #130 12/2019

Gathered Drape Wrap Dress 🧡

  I have bought all the three drape drape books by Hisako Sato,  and it's very fun to try new patterns!  It's a challenge to draw the patterns, and some of them can be huge! I like playing with jersey, and it's best to use a light jersey so the gathering looks nice.  The sleeves are very special too. In fact, you just sew them together around the armholes, but leave them open under neath.  This was supposed to wear like a dress,  but I figure out it was best to wear it together with a pair of shorts... This pattern is from the drape drape 3 book. 

Babuska Dress

This Happy Girl is wearing her "Babuska Dress"  she got for her birthday! 😄 I have use light pink jersey for the top of the dress, and the skirt is made of cotton fabric in two circles gathered together. She was surprised when she got the dress for her birthday  because she chose the fabric from my stash herself. With short sleeves it's a nice summer dress ☼

Top & Linen Skirt

Pink is Perfect and bright colors cheers me up! I was going to make a T-shirt with bow, but in lack of fabric I had to make it without.. I like to use all the "left overs" and and when I cut the shorts I also had enough for a skirt, and both of the garment goes well together with my Blazer . Linen is a great fabric, both for sewing and wearing 😍 BurdaStyle pattern #119 07/2019 Skirt pattern #113 07/2008 My husband always makes me laugh...😂