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Origami Dress - Downfold πŸ’™

Another HAPPY Origami Dress πŸ’« All the pleats are folded down, so the folding are started from the bottom and up. The pattern is under contruction - - and this is the pattern when it's finished. I cut it out, and fold it together, as you can see.  This is the pattern how its look like befoe I start sewing it together. I have used the same pattern for the skirt as I did for the  Puff Sleeve Dress BurdaStyle #122 05/2020

Blouse with Tie 🍁

This fabric gives me ENERGI! 😊 Since I had more left of this flower fabric after I made the dress for my friend    I thought it would be nice for a blouse.  The pattern is from BurdsStyle issue 02/2021 that I was curious to try! I started with the V-neck as in the instruction. I have used vlies for the facing and overlock the edges, and then it's sewn in place.  The tie is ready to be sewn, and the sleeves are sewn with a double layer and folded up. The tie are very long and you can also cross it and use it in other ways 😊 BurdaStyle #102 02/2021

Colorblocked Jacket with Origami Sleeves!

  This is a jacket I made to match the  origami Dress  πŸ’™πŸ§‘ I start with drawing the pattern and make origami pleats. This is how the patten looks like when it's folded on the right side, and on the wrong side. The sleeve pattern is ready to be cut out of the fabris. After I have fold the pleats it's ready to be sewn together. Then it's finished and sewn together as a jacket sleeve. Then I split the pattern and combine two different colors. Then you can easily see the foldings. My choice is to make a colorblocked jacket for the dress I made earlier. I'm very Happy with the outcome! πŸ˜„ I found the pattern in "my library" #411 Bonnie 01/1996