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Red & White Stripes!

Piemonte - Italy πŸ’— Stripes are fun to sew with, but you have to be carefully when matching the seams. This is a dress pattern that I like very much and I've made a  Scuba Dress  earlier. I have tried to match the stripes for the side pockets as well :) I have used cotton voile as lining for the dress.  At the end of the zipper, I change from an invisible zipper-foot  to the ordinary zipper-foot to match the back seam. I'm also sewing the lining with to the zipper with the sewing machine, and after turning the lining to the right side, I'm sewing another seam close to the zipper so it's easy to pull it up- and down.  I'm stitching the lining around the arm holes by hand. Burdastyle pattern #105 05/2016

Orange & White Refashion Dress

It's always fun to to try new combinations with different garments! The top is the upper part of an old dress and the skirt is an old jacket I had in my closet. I had a bit left of the orange lace fabric which was great to use for the short sleeves. The jacket is sewn together and the seam are at the back of the dress. I have used the same belt as for the jacket. So it's easy to make a new dress 🧑 My friend is wearing a Refashion Dress I made earlier from my son's jeans.

T-shirt & Hem Tie Pants

These pants are great for holidays! I have used the same fabric as I've used for the  Skirt , but only the opposite way. The pant has an invisible zipper at the side and hem tie at the bottom of the legs which makes it unique. I also made a  T-Shirt  together with the skirt. I like the little bow as a finish for the short sleeves 😏 Burdastyle #116 07/2019 Burdastyle #119 07/2019 You can see that I have used one panel of the fabric two different ways.

Pants with Slits!

These are the most incredible pants I've ever made... πŸ˜‚ I was wearing these pants for the first time when we traveled to Italy this weekend, and we had a lot of fun because it was not so easy to go out of the taxi or sit on the plane without showing my legs... My conclusion was that it was easier to stand up😁 We are living very close to the sea so it's a nice view 🌻   To make a straight seam when you are sewing all around  I use my fingertip close to the sewing foot.     The Knotted Top is from an earlier project.    Burdastyle #114 07/2019

Refashion with Jeans!

This is my lovely model and good friend Torunn πŸ’• When you have a well used jeans it's amazing what you can make of it! πŸ˜‚ I started with an easy pattern and cut it in tree piece for the front and back part. Then it would fit the legs of the jeans. I had to find a nice fabric to combine the jeans with,  and chose to use a plain white bi-stretch.  You can easily see where the pockets has been, but I think this makes it unique :)   I had exactly enough of this lovely white lace fabric and made  wide "angel" sleeves  🧚‍♂️ This picture is from a local mannequin show πŸ’ƒ Burdastyle Tina Dress