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Origami Dress for Easter πŸ’›

Happy days are here again! 🌞 This is the same pattern as I used for my  Marfy Dress only this time with the real origami pattern that I made for a corset. I started with drawing the lines where the foldings should be, and then added the the paper to make the origiami folds. It's a very long pattern. This is the origami pattern how it's going to be. - and this is how the corset looks like when it's finished. I have used a BurdaStyle pattern as basic to make the dress. The dress is based on  BurdaStyle pattern #108 03/2014.

Classical Adrienne Blouse

 The Adrienne blouse was a good match for my pants! I'm not a classic person, but for business and travelling navy blue is always a good choice.  The  Pants with Slits  are an earlier project. Pattern is from Fridaypatterncompany. 

Dress with Box integration!

This is definitive the right time for laughing πŸ˜‚ As you can see the pattern are really fun, but it was a great challange! First I had to make the pattern with 3D box intergration,  and then make the pattern with origami-seams. This is how the pattern turned out! I made half of the back part with seams as well since I was in lack of fabric. I have combine cotton satin with black linen for the skirt. I have made a Blue Dress of the same BurdaStyle pattern earlier.  

Adrienne Blouse πŸ‚

This is my first Adrienne Blouse! I have saved this colorful fabric to make something special, and I fell in love with the Adrienne Blouse pattern from #fridaypatterncompany. I am a big fan of BurdaStyle pattern, but it was fun to try another pattern. By the way, it's an easy pattern, and the front and back are the same, but the sleeves are the statement of the blouse! I like the curve at the waist and I'm sure I'm going to wear the top a lot!