We are sharing sew-stories on #symesterskapet's Instagram account.
We can decide what we like to share.
This time I wanted to make a jersey dress with a "twist" on the body.
I have chosen fabric with stripes to give it the right attention :) 
Instagram: @ellenhatteland

  Here are my sewing room and my favorite place in our house :) 
           As you can see of the front part of the body I have made 
a little twist with the pattern.
The pleats are in place and I have decided to use  red fabric around the neck and at the bottom of  the sleeves.
The dress is based on 

I started sewing the front part, and thought it was nice with the stripes diagonally.

Then I had to sew around the neck, and I had to use one layer for interfacing as well.


This is a dress I made earlier based on the same top, but with another skirt.
Jersey Dress with Twist


This is my newest TR Dress.                                                  We share Stories at Instagram for the Sewing Bees, and this was my second story.

I start with a plain body and draw the lines how I like them to be.

Then I cut the front apart and draw the lines on the fabric and add a bit to make the volume.

Then I'm making the drape at each curves to make a little rose.
This is how it looks like on the wrong side.
I'm using cotton voile for the lining.

Then the top i ready, and skirt to come.

 I'm drawing the lines for the skirt, 
and I want it to match with the lines for the body.

Dress is ready! 


This is my third Story on Instagram for The Sewing Bees :)

I have decided to transform these garments to make a dress. 
I'm going to use a shirt with long sleeves, a sweater and 2 cardigans.
 This is how I want it to look like when it's finished, but sometimes I change my mind..

First I made the decoration for the top.


I have used the bottom of my cardigan as collar.
The skirt is made of my husbands sweater, 
and I choose to use a double layer of from the cardigan as the hem of the skirt. 

Voila! Dress is finished!


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