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Wide Summer Dress with Belt

It's always Fun to try a new pattern, and this was no exception! I thought the dress looks very wide on the model in the BurdaStyle magazine, and therefore I decided to make a belt as well. I like the flounce around the neck and the shoulder-straps.  I'm sure this will be a great dress for holiday! ☼ I have used cotton voile as lining, and then it feels fluffy to wear. BurdaStyle #108 07/2021

Shirt for young Man!

It was time to make a new shirt for our son! Linen is great for a shirt like this and it's perfect for summer ☼ The shirt is based on a pattern from BurdaStyle that I like very much.   All the pieces are cut and ready to be sewn. The front bands are sewn on the wrong side and turned, and then stitched to the front pieces. The pocket are sewn on the left side.  The collar and collar stand are sewn in place and stitched around. The sleeves with sleeve-band are sewn in place. I found some nice buttons in my stash to fit the fabric. I think the shirt fits our son very well :) BurdaStyle pattern #143 06/2016

Blouse with V-neck!

A blouse is great for travelling, especially if the fabric doesn't curl.  I fell in love with this marbled viscose fabric I bought at   and it's nice to wear on vacation ☼ The V-neck is made of a double layer with gathering at the lower part. The pleats underneath the V-neck is sewn in place. The sleeves are gathering at the hem,  and the cuffs are sewn in double layer. BurdaStyle pattern #102 03/2021

Flower-Power Dress!

I was so Happy when I found this cotton fabric because  it's my favorite colors!  ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’— I wanted to make a dress, and since I like the  Wide Flower Dress  that I made earlier  I decided to make another one and with the flowing gathered skirt it's great to wear! This picture is from the sunset in Bergen. I have cut all the pieces, but for the skirt layers i just rip the fabric apart. Then you get straight pieces. The long sleeves are sew to the top,  and I have used rubber-band at the sleeve hem as in the instruction. I'm ironing the bias in four, and sewn it to the wrong side of the top first,  and then turn it to the right side and stitched it in place. When I'm sewing the pieces for the skirt, I share all the pieces in four and make small notches.  Then it's easy to connect the pieces together and make the gathering nicely. BurdaStyle pattern #104 07/2021