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Top with Vortex Origami 🧡

This is one of the task I had to make at the origami course by Shingo Sato.   I had to draw the lines where the pleats should be, and then filled in with the triangles to fold.   This is how it looks like on the wrong side, and on the right side. The best is to use cotton fabric so you easily can see where you have fold it. The layer is cut out and then I fold it in position. I have to sew one fold at the time and starting from the middle. This is how it looks like on the right side and the wrong side. I decided to make a top with a zipper at the left side. At first I made the split in front, and made inserts for the armholes. Then I connected the waistline, and the top is finished 🧡 Zipper is in place.

Summerdress with Butterflies 🦋

This is a lovley fabric with Butterflies that was perfect to make a dress for this young Princess! The fabric is a bit transparent, but it's delicious to wear on a hot summer day! I made the front piece with the straps first,  before connecting it to the A-line skirt for the dress. She is very happy to play with her uncle on her birthday 😊 You can see the transparens between the butterflies. I had some nice butterfly-buttons that was perfect for the dress 😊

Linen Dress with Pleats!

This is a Great dress for summer ☼ I love to wear linen when the weather is nice and warm. It's delicious even though it can wrinkle. I read in an article regarding linen to avoide the fabric to wrinkle, then you should: 1. Before washing DRY iron linen on highest setting possible. 2. Wash fabric with detergent in hottest water. 3. Dry in high heat dryer until almost dry. 4. Press again. I have not tried it yet, but I surtenly will try it once to see if it's useful. The patten I chose has pleated neck at the front. I have cut out the inserts and the belt-tunel for the waist. The inserts is iron with vliseline at first and overlocked at the bottom edge. At the middle on the wrong side of the dress I also baste the belt to the dress. I have stitched very closely to the edge, both around the neck and around the armholes. BurdaStyle pattern #108 04/22

Dress with Bold Flowers!

 I fell in love with this fabulous and colorful printed jersey with bold flowers!  I thought it would be great for a dress and found the pattern in BurdaStyle 03/2022. The gathering at the narrow shoulders are just amazing and that's what I like :) The sleeves has rubberband at the hem and I also made a belt if I would like to use it. The neckband is double and turned inside and then stiched in place. I have stitched around the slits at the back of the neckline and made a loop for the button. The gathering at the shoulder it rather narrow and I have used a ribbon  on top of the gathering on the wrong side so it will stay in place. BurdaStyle pattern #109 03/2022