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Tunic for my Friend!

I wanted to surprise my lovely singing friend for her birthday πŸŽ‰ and made a Satin Tunic for her.  She looks nice in every color, and I thought this fabric will suit her very well! I was lucky to find the fabric on a marked in Utrecht together with my sewing friends πŸ’• I wanted to make a nice garment and found the pattern in BurdaStyle 09/2019. The lovely detail with this tunic is the finish of the sleeves! The tunic has a little split at the sides, and I had to hand-stitch the hem to make it look nice. This is a fabulous tool from Fiskars to cut around the curve of the neck.  BurdaStyle 09/2019

Sunshine Yellow!

This is my sunshine top ☼ We need to freshening up at spring time - and then it's great to wear yellow πŸ’› I've made this top after a pattern from BurdaStyle 03/2020. I wanted to have short sleeves since it's getting warmer. I like very much knotted pattern and this is very nice at the back. The skirt  is from an earlier project. BurdaStyle 03/2020

Denim Dress with Collar

I had to try this pattern for a non-stretchy fabric as well. This is a soft denim, and I think it was perfect for the pattern. The pattern included a short sleeve as well,  and you can see the sleeves are double and with two pleats  which are very nice. I have not used lining since this is a great dress for summer ☼ I found a big button and was not sure if I was going to use a colorful button  or this silver button but decided to go for the silver. Then I can easily use the dress with different colors of shoes, handbag etc. Meine Nahmode 04/2011

Tulips from Amsterdam 🌷

🌷🌷🌷Tulips is beautiful! 🌷🌷🌷 - and specially if you can get them on a fabric. Then they can last forever! The fabric cached my eyes, and I knew I had to make something special of it! I have used the same pattern as for my  Flower Blouse and I like the hi-low finish at the hem that makes it unique. I wanted the pattern to match perfect, so I had to be careful when cutting it out.  BurdaStyle #111 02/2020

Silk chiffon from St Petersburg ♥

I was lucky to find this beautiful silk chiffon when visiting St Petersburg! I knew that I wanted to make something special,  and thought a dress like this would be the right choice! I have used the pattern several times since I like it very much! I had to use lining for the dress, but I wanted to have the sleeves transparent. I have used very narrow zig-sag stitches for the hem and then cut the fabric close to the stitches.  Before sewing the zipper it's a good idea to iron it flat first. I have uses vlieseline where the zipper is sewn. To make the zipper correct on both sides, I cut a hake in the zipper so I knew where it's going to end. The dress without lining.