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Birthday Blouse :)

I wanted to make this blouse for my birthday - and I did! πŸ˜‰ I had this lovely cotton-satin flower fabric, and I had saved it for something special which happen to be this blouse with lots of flounces! Normally I'm not so keen on flounces, but I were surprised to see how it turned out!     Burdastyle pattern #101 04/2019 Thanks BurdaStyle for feature my Blouse!

Great Top!

I think everyone knows that BurdaStyle patterns is my favorite patterns! 🧑 - and I still love to try new once.  This is a top from the February issue which I think looks very nice and I'm always curious how it will turn out. I chose to use a flower jersey together with black jersey. I've just made an alternation and added flower fabric at the end of the sleeves. This is a great top to use both at work and on holiday πŸ˜‰      Burdastyle pattern #109 02/2019

Love Tulips ♥

I love Tulips because they are so colorful and reminds me of Spring and Summer to come! 🌷🌷🌷 I started cutting out the main fabric, lining and facing.  Sewing the pockets and the pleats.  Zipper at the left side. Stitching close to the interfacing, and hand-stitching the hem.  I'm stitching right into the seam on the right side of the waist band. The lining is connected to the interfacing. Skirt is finished.  BurdaStyle pattern #113 07/2008  I was lucky to have enough fabric for both a skirt and a jacket. Fabric lining and interfacing.    I started with stitching the darts on the front panels. Sleeves are sewn together and hand-stitched hem. I have used silk satin for the lining since I had this left from an earlier project.    Lining in place and of course with my sewing logo.  Sleeves in place, and I have used a snap button in front. Earlier I always hand-stitched the lining for the sleeves,  but

Quick & Easy Refashion

If you just want to cheer up a garment this is a very easy way to do it! I have used a T-shirt and a dress. The sleeves of the dress was a perfect match for the stone-washed T-shirt, and the skirt were turned back-forward, and voila the dress is new πŸ‘— As a decoration for the waist I have used a cord with taps. I used the upper part of the dress for the  Refashion with Zipper