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Flower sprinkles for the Autumn! 🌺

  Since I gave away the first dress I made to a good friend, I had to make another one! I have used viscose fabric that is light weight and perfect for gathering. The tie at the neck is a great detail, and it looks nice both open and knotted together. The sleeves with the rubberband at the sleeve hem,  can easily be used as shorter sleeves with pulling them up. The wide of the skirt is flowing nicely around the body. BurdaStyle #104 07/2021

Jazz T-Shirt 🎷

My son with his new Jazz T-shirt ♪♫ I have used a pattern that I made from an old T-shirt that he had from before. It's not the pattern, but the fabric that catch your eyes for this  🎷🎺🎻


 This is my TR Collection! Thanks to Shingo Sato and TR Cutting School! I have made a link for each project. A-line Dress with a Twist Puzzle Dress Dart Dress Fancy Pockets Red & Black Dress  Story #1 - Insta Story #2 Insta Dress with Triangles TR Party Dress Draping Fluid Double Draped Heart  Spiral Sash Dress Roses are Forever Box Integration  Waves all around TR Dress with Waves TR Dress with Stripes TR Rose TR Balloon TR Dress with Flared Top Fernbird Dress with a Twist Dress with Heart After finishing the course I received my TR Master Certificate!

Colorful Wrap Dress!

After I made this  Wrap Dress  for my good friend  I decided to make another one for me as well. I came a cross this fabulous jersey and thought "This is IT!"   BurdaStyle pattern #110 03/2021