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Merinowool Dress ❄

I wanted to have a warm and nice dress for wintertime! I have tried this pattern earlier when I made another  Knitted Dress . Sometime I just have to try the pattern over again with other fabric,  and for this dress I have used merino wool fabric.   At first I iron vliseline tape at the front. I iron vliseline on the two outher parts of the collar as well. The collar parts are stitched together.  I have overlocked the seam around the collar. - and of course my name-tag at the back :) I stitched the side seams, and the sleeves. I have overlocked and hand-stiched the hem and the hem-sleeve. I like to have the collar open and omitted the buttons at the finish of the collar.  BurdaStyle 01/2021

Easy Pirate T-shirt 🏴‍☠️

This is an easy pattern that I had to try. I found the pattern in BurdaStyle 06/22. The neck-line should be left without any ribb, but I decided to make one anyway. Pirates is a great print both for boys and girls!   BurdaStyle pattern #133 06/2022

Baby's Pants

  I made this sweet trousers for a newborn baby. The back panels are stitched together with the narrow front panel.  This is how it's gonna be. Then I stitched the decoraton-band around the edge for the upper front panels and around the legs. I have stitched the upper part to the lower part and then stitched the both panels together.  The rubber-band is in place. I made small bows as decoration.

Blouse with dots!

I took a selfie on my sewing room :) This is a pattern that I tried years ago, and wanted to make it over again.   I have cut out all the parts in cotton fabric. The front has a tunnel with drawstring from the top and down. The lower part of the back are gathered and fit to the upper part. The blouse has a collar-stand as a finish. I think the blouse would be nice in viscose fabric as well, so maybe next time.. The back-part is rather nice with the gathering. Burdastyle pattrern 2007

Zebra print & Jersey denim!

I wanted to surprice this girl for her birthday, and made a top of the leftovers after I made my  Knotted Dress , and I made a denim jersey pants with wide buttom as well. The top are gathered at the shoulder seams, so it's a nice effect. I made a facing around the neck, and stitched an inner seam. Theb I stitched with a double needle around the neck, sleeve hem and hem. The top is finished :) Pattern from Ottobre Kids 04/2009 The patnts has back-pockets with narrow seams as decoration. The pockets are stitched in place. The back parts has lower gathered bell-bottoms than the front parts. The front pockets are gathered and have bias-band as a finish.   Pattern from Ottobre Kids 04/2009

Yellow Sunshine Coat 🌞

This is a nice wool fabric bought at  and I love the sunshine yellow color πŸ’› I decided to make a coat and found a pattern I have saved for a long time. All the pieces are cut and ready to be sewn. I stitched the panels together and top-stitched the seams as well. I made the pockets at the front seams. The collar is stitcket together,  - and the facing as well. The sleeves are stitched togethet and top-stitched. I chose to use cotton fabric as lining, but I have used micro satin as lining for the sleeves. I made shoulder-pads and also "fish-sleeve" for the shoulders. The lining is ready to be stitched in place. I'm very Happy with the coat and how it turned out :) The  two-piece-dress-look  is an earlier project I made for a BurdaStyle Challenge. I have omitted the belt at the side. Burdastyle pattern