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Shift Dress with cap-sleeve👽

 Stretch linen is great for sewing a shift dress💚  This is a pattern that I've tried a long time ago, and I wanted to give it another try. I have iron vliseline on the backside of the faciing and pocket flaps, and the bias for the armholes are cut. I stitched the inserts for the back and the zipper in place. The poct flaps are stitched in place. I have used lining for the inner pockets. The side panels are stitched in place. I have stitched the side seams. I hand stitched the hem for the cap-sleeve, and sew buttons as decoration in front. The dress has a split at the back. BurdaStyle Special 12/1991

Top and Pants for a Sweetie 🌸

A jersey top with flower is lovely to wear, and with a matching pair of pants is great :) This is an easy pattern with raglan sleeves.      The front and back part are stitched together. The sleeves are stitched together,  and I also stitch the sleeve hem with a coverlock. The top is finished and ready to wear! Ottobre Kids 01/2024 Then I made the pants. I stitched a seam both at the front and back legs. Then I stitched the waistline and the hem of the legs, and pull the rubber band in the waist. Ottobre Kids 01/2024

Blouse with Ruffled Neck!

  This is a blouse pattern from BurdaStyle 03/20 that I like. I made one for my friend as well. This time I made an alternation fo the short sleeves.  I found this lovely silk fabric on my holiday in Lithuania last summer ☼. I have used cotton voile for the lining. The sleeves are made of two layers and have two darts at the top of the shoulders, and these are stitched 4cm down. I have stitched the lining to the hem of the sleeve. The neck band are ruffled and stitched to the upper layer around the neck. Then I have to stitch the facing around the neck and the short sleeves in place. The blouse looks great together with a pair of black pant or a black pencil skirt. I fell in love with this fabric because of the print :) BurdaStyle #103 03/2020

Birthday present for my Friend 🌹

  I made a Trendbag with Denim Roses as a birthday present for my friend 🌹 I came over this pattern in a BurdaStyle magazine on my holiday :) I had a bit left of the same denim fabric as I used for a  Dress  she got earlier. At first, I stitched the zipper in place between the lining and the facing.   I connected the pocket to the zipper. The facing are stitched to the outer panels. I have iron the seam in place before stitching the facing together.  The hand-straps are stitched together,  - both for the outer panels and for the facing. The side-bottom are stitched crosswise, and cut off. I cut an extra panel for the bottom to keep it steadier. At last I stitched all aroumd the hand-strips. - and the bag is finished :) Pattern from BurdaStyle 08/2020