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Linen Dress with Pleats!

This is a Great dress for summer ☼ I love to wear linen when the weather is nice and warm. It's delicious even though it can wrinkle. I read in an article regarding linen to avoide the fabric to wrinkle, then you should: 1. Before washing DRY iron linen on highest setting possible. 2. Wash fabric with detergent in hottest water. 3. Dry in high heat dryer until almost dry. 4. Press again. I have not tried it yet, but I surtenly will try it once to see if it's useful. The patten I chose has pleated neck at the front. I have cut out the inserts and the belt-tunel for the waist. The inserts is iron with vliseline at first and overlocked at the bottom edge. At the middle on the wrong side of the dress I also baste the belt to the dress. I have stitched very closely to the edge, both around the neck and around the armholes. BurdaStyle pattern #108 04/22

Dress with Bold Flowers!

 I fell in love with this fabulous and colorful printed jersey with bold flowers!  I thought it would be great for a dress and found the pattern in BurdaStyle 03/2022. The gathering at the narrow shoulders are just amazing and that's what I like :) The sleeves has rubberband at the hem and I also made a belt if I would like to use it. The neckband is double and turned inside and then stiched in place. I have stitched around the slits at the back of the neckline and made a loop for the button. The gathering at the shoulder it rather narrow and I have used a ribbon  on top of the gathering on the wrong side so it will stay in place. BurdaStyle pattern #109 03/2022

Refashion in Blue Shades πŸ’Ž

When I have a spare time I just love to encourage myself        with some "new" refashion πŸ˜„ I have used a top and a dress together with sleeves from a jacket that I love. This is how I cut the dress apart. I have made a  Refashion Dress  of the jacket with blue skirts earlier. I sew the inserts for the shoulders first before connecting the sleeves. This is definitiv a dress that I'm gonna wear a lot! πŸ’™

Butterfly Embroidery πŸ¦‹ - Repost

It's great to make an embroidery at the back of a dress like this! The dress is made of linen and that makes it nice to wear on a sunny day 🌞 I have used piping around the sleeves and the back part. I had to wash the piping before sewing the it to the white linen fabric. The embroidery is sewn on the linen fabric before I made the pattern piece.   BurdaStyle pattern #121 07/2015

Orange for me 🧑

  Orange is the color of enthusiasm, adventure, and creativity - That's why I love this color ♥ I have used a BurdaStyle pattern that I like very much. I have decided to make a round neck, but I like the gathering at the shoulders,  but made this top without cuffs. I have used soft wool jersey that is delicious to wear. I have used vliseline for the insert around the neck. Since the fabric is stretchy I wanted the insert to stay in place, so I have used the coverlock with twin-needle and cut closely to the seam. The sleeves are finished and gathered at the shoulders. BurdaStyle pattern #112 10/2021