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Blue Flower Top πŸ’™

A top to wear all year around is always great to have! - and the good thing is that I was supposed to use all the fabric I had left  after I made the  Dress with side pleats :) Therefore I have omitted the bow on the short sleeves. BurdaStyle pattern #119 07/2019

Red-Shaded Dress πŸ’–

Red for Christmas πŸ’– It's not my Christmas dress, but I love red-shaded dresses! This is a great cotton fabric with elastic that was nice to make this kind of dress. I have used this pattern to make  Another Dress  earlier. This time I wanted to make it with short sleeves. I have gathered the shoulders and made a sleeve band as a finish. If you like, the belt kan be turned at the back or you can simly knot it in front. All the part have been cut out. The back panels are sewn together with the belt in between. The facing for the neck are finished to stitch in place. This is how I decide to make the sleeves. The dress is finished and I'm ready to go! I have turned the belt as show at the pattern. BurdaStyle Pattern #107 05/2021

Adrienne Blouse πŸ’«

I can't make enough of this kind of blouse! The blouse is very stylish with the curved waist and wide sleeves. Of course it's great with a nice jersey fabric as well :) The sleeves has rubberband both for the shoulders and at the sleeve hem. This time I choose to make it straight both at front and back neck. If you like, you can see one of my earlier  makes,  Colorful Adrienne Blouse . Adrienne Blouse from Fridaypatterncompany.

Sweater for my Lovely Niece πŸ’–

This is a cozy and warm sweater for colder weather.  I have used ribbed wool combined with quilted jersey blend. I like this pattern very much and have made different combinations, for example the  The Top  with "button-printed jersey". To make it more comfortable, I have inserted a bit ribbed wool for the sleeves, and made long wool cuffs of the same fabric as well. BurdaStyle Pattern #112 04/2009   

Top and Shorts for a Girl!

I asked the boys if they would like to have a T-shirt with pirates. Then the girl say; "I wanna have one!" I thought I had to make it a bit girlish, and found these patterns in BurdaStyle 07//22. The top are gathered at the neck and the short sleeves has ribbon jersey at the sleeve hem. The pair of shorts has a little slits at the side and ribbon at the waist.  I have used a tie as decoration. Burdastyle pattern #130 07/2022 Burdastyle pattern #131 07/2022

Blouse with wide short sleeves!

I was lucky to have exactly enough fabric to make a blouse after I made my  Magical Dress . I decided to make a split at the back-neck without a back-seam. I have made wide sleeves without lining,  so the sleeves haven't the balloon effect as in the pattern. I like the wide gathered short sleeves and I think it looks very stylish. This is a pattern I have tried earlier when I made the  Linen Blouse . City tour :) BurdaStyle pattern #110 03/2022