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Orange & Pink πŸ§‘πŸ’—

We need to wear colors in wintertime! This model is for knit fabric, but I chose to use double woven jersey fabric. The dress has a narrow collar and since I love to mix different colours,  I decided to use pink for the inner collar and the sleeves.   I have iron vliseline-band for the shoulders- and the neck-seam. The upper front seam are stitched together. I have also iron vliseline for the inner-collar. The skirt are cut, but I decided to finish the skirt with pink at the hem. The shoulders are stitched together, and the collar are stitched in place. I hand-stitched the inner collar in place at the back. The sleeves are stitched together. I under-stitched the collar so it will stay in place. The sleeves are stitched in place, and I have made orange sleeve bands as a finish. The skirt is rather wide, and I used an invisible rubberband at the inside  of the waistline so it should stay in place. BurdaStyle pattern #115 11/2021

Wool dress with Collar!

This is a pattern from BurdaStyle November -23. I liked the detail with the collar, and decided to try the pattern. The dress in the magazine is made with viscose fabric,  but I have used Merinowool that is great this time of year! For the collar I have used courtelle jersey that's a bit steady than normal jersey. At first I stitched the inserts at front panel. The collar is sewn together with two layers, and then I attatched it to the V-neck. The finished collar looks like a suit jacket collar.  Then I stitched the facing around the neck. I inserted side-pockets at the side seams. Sleeves has to be attatched. I used a double needle to finish the sleeve hem and th hem of the dress. It's a very cozy dress and I love to wear it, both in the office and at home :) BurdaStyle pattern #125 11/23

Christmas Jacket πŸ’–

  This is a short sleeve jacket I made for a member model challenge  hosted by BurdaStyle,  and luckily I was the winner of the contest!  My lovely model and singing friend is wearing it with style πŸ’•  The jacket is made of Chinese brocade and bought on the website We were praticing for our Christmas consert with our choir. BurdsStyle pattern #107 04/2015

Merinowool Dress ❄

I wanted to have a warm and nice dress for wintertime! I have tried this pattern earlier when I made another  Knitted Dress . Sometime I just have to try the pattern over again with other fabric,  and for this dress I have used merino wool fabric.   At first I iron vliseline tape at the front. I iron vliseline on the two outher parts of the collar as well. The collar parts are stitched together.  I have overlocked the seam around the collar. - and of course my name-tag at the back :) I stitched the side seams, and the sleeves. I have overlocked and hand-stiched the hem and the hem-sleeve. I like to have the collar open and omitted the buttons at the finish of the collar.  BurdaStyle 01/2021