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Happy New Year :)

This is a pattern that I really LOVE πŸ’œ I was lucky to win a selection of Vintage patterns  in a BurdaStyle competition, and this is one of them!   The jersey I have chosen for the dress is rather crazy  so therefore I needed a plain color to suit the fabric. I tried with different colors, but when I were on holiday I found a lilac  transparent scarf with a silver sparkling, which I thought would be perfect. Since I still had a bit left of the scarf after cutting the wide sleeves, I made a double layer around the neck with opening at the back for a little tie. I have made a  Chiffon Dress  earlier with the same pattern. This dress makes me in a good mood and I'm happy how it turned out! 😊     BurdaStyle Tina Dress

Checkered Skirt for Christmas!

These colors are just fabulous together, and Sara suits them very well πŸ’™ πŸ’— I thought the flounce for the skirt was a bit wide and decided to make it smaller as you can see of my drawn pattern. It's always a challenge to match checkered fabric at the seams and the zipper,  but I'm happy that it turned out very well :)  I have used turquoise satin as lining.   BurdaStyle pattern #103 09/2015

Doll's Clothing ♥

Our little Princess wanted to have some new clothes for her dolls  πŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ©³πŸ‘—πŸ‘˜πŸ‘šπŸ©² She has dressed the doll's up, so they are ready for party! This little blouse is made of "left over" from a  Refashion Dress  ♻ The doll's skirt is made of the neck of a top which I have used for a  Refashion Dress  πŸ’™ The jersey was "left over" from a  Girls Dress I love Desigual, and this dress is made of a top which I made another  Refashion Dress  of. A little panty for the doll. The fabric is chosen of the little girl, and she told me to make a dress for her doll 😊 This little jacket is made of left overs from a top as well. - and this is from a boy's T-shirt. This little jacket is a combo of an adult jacket and a T-shirt which I have used for a refashion dress. A little shirt from an underwear. A little skirt from "left overs" for a   Refashion P

Wool & Winter Skirt

Wool is great to wear this time of year! I had a little fabric left after I made  Sara's Jacket  and this is a fabric that I just Love! My favorite colors 🧑 The pattern is from BurdaStyle issue 02/2017, and it's a great style. The pocket-flaps are nice little detail and just for decoration.  The zipper is exposed at the back and I was lucky to have a color which suits the fabric very well :) I have lined it with micro satin which are very delicious to wear.  BurdaStyle pattern #117 02/2017