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Origami Dress with Box Integration & Big Pockets!

This is one of the most special dresses I've made! πŸ˜… I started with the front part and made the origami as shown. The skirt pattern with the fancy pockets is from BurdaStyle.    I made the pattern with the 3D triangle first, then I draw the lines where the foldings should be. This is the pattern when it is folded out. Front part is finished. The skirt is made with pleats and pockets. I inserted some filling for the triangle to make it stay in place.   BurdaStyle #104 10/2016

Flowers for a Girl 🌺

This girl can change clothes many times a day! 😍 Then she also need to have a big wardrobe. Since we don't have so many girls in the family it's nice sewing for her. She will soon become 6 years, but she knows how to be dressed! This top has a little detail with key-hole at the neckline, gathering at the shoulders and with front and back panel. Pattern is from Ottobre magazine. Leggings BurdaStyle pattern #132 08/2020 Shirt with V-neck made from Ottobre pattern. Collection that can be mixed together 🌸  

Wide Summer Pants!🌞

 I'm looking forward to wear these pants! The pants are made of linen, and the pieces sewn into the side seams makes it special.  I chose to use a pop-up color for the belt buckle to connect the front pieces together.  Flower fabric are summery and a wide, fluffy pants are great to wear πŸ˜‰ The top with key-hole is an earlier project. BurdaStyle 03/2021

Birthday Dress! πŸ‘—

This is a dress for any occasion! My lovely model and daughter in law wearing the dress I made for her birthday πŸ’ I have used double jersey that are heavy and super nice to wear! The pattern is feminine with a flounce at the hem. I think she looks Beautiful 😘 BurdaStyle 03/2021

Dress with Reticular Bodice πŸ’Ÿ

  This was quite a FUN project! I started to draw the lines on the bodice to make the pattern. Then cut the pattern and make pleats for the origami lines. The pattern is finished and I have cut it in cotton fabric. I start the sewing from the middle, and then step by step it's growing. This is the first step. The second step. As you can see, it looks like a hat :) Then the bodice is finished. I chose to make a skirt with pleats in front and side pockets.