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Asymmetric Jacket!

This is a funny pattern I have tried several times! The last one was for Sara together with an asymmetric skirt. The sleeves are very long, and when it's sewn together it's turning around. I have used the same jersey for both the hoodie and the lower part of the sleeves for this jacket. Since the pattern are very short I have lengthen it with 10 cm, but still it is short.. I had to shorten the zipper since I didn't have one that suits the opening. The zipper is very nice and shiny and I think it was a good choice for the jacket. The hoodie is asymmetric too, and it looks like it doesn't fit when you take on :) I decided to use rubber-band at the lower part of the sleeves on both sides, then it looks like the sleeves are gathered. BurdaStyle pattern 05/2008

"Pirate" Shirt ๐Ÿด‍☠️

This was a great adventure for me! I was not so sure about the fabric because I'm not so fond of beige, but thogether with the black and white stripes it was quite nice. Anyway, the boy fell in love with the shirt right away  and found his pirat sword and hat and was ready to play! The shirt is made of jersey and the collar and the collar-stand is cut in one piece. - and I found a popping color for the buttons! It makes me Happy to see how much he appreciate it๐Ÿ˜„ I have also made  another shirt  for him earlier with printed jesey.  Pattern is from Ottobre kids 06/2011.  

Refashion with Scarf !

This is my husband's scarf and I thought it could be great together  with my sweater to make a dress ๐Ÿคฉ I cut the sweater apart and used the top as the upper part for the dress,  and the sleeves of the animal print jacket was a good match!   Since the scarf had a double layer of fabric, I cut it apart, but afterwords I figure out that I should not have done it.. The scarf was long enough to be cut in half and sewn together as a pencil skirt.  

Animal Print Top!

This is an easy top made of viscose jersey that I've bought at  Alfatex  web-shop. I love orange-red colors and this fabric is not an exception.. The top is gathering at the front neck and at the sleeve hem,  and the top is comfy to wear!                            BurdaStyle #123 02/2008

Dress with Lace sleeves!

My lovely Niece is wearing her new dress ๐Ÿ˜ I have to say that I just Love this pattern, and I have used it several times before. For instance the  Music Dress  I made for my good Friend earlier this year. I think it's very nice with the wide "angles" sleeves, and specially if you make them with lace fabric. The sleeves are cut like a curve, and since I wanted to keep the finish of the lace,  I have stitched the cutted parts on the curves very close to the edge again.  I have used heavy stretch jersey.  The pattern has a little dart at the back of the neck so it stays nicely. After sewing the invisible zipper I have stitched the facing around the neck. This is a scissors from Fiskars that are good to use to cut small notches around the seam of the neck. I have also stitch a seam very close to the seam line around the neck so the facing stays nicely. The dress is ready to stitch the sleeves on. I think my Niece looks very Happy with her dress  ๐Ÿ˜„ Tina Dress from Burda