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Double Draping Heart ♥

This is another draping technic.  I start with drawing a heart on a basic pattern. The fabric pieces are stitched to the heart, and draped  before the heart is sewn to the front part. For the skirt I have used a BurdaStyle pattern  I've tried once before in a Member Model Challenge . For the upper part I have used satin and the skirt is sewn with  sport stretch which is perfect to use when you're making a flounce.  Then you don't need to over-lock the hem because it doesn't fringe. I have used chiffon as lining for the skirt.      My lovely model Lisa ๐Ÿ’›   I have used a "diamante" button in the back.  Burdastyle pattern #157 05/2011

Music Jacket

I adore this fabulous fabric ♪♫ At first I wanted to make a dress, but I change my mind and thought it would be nice for a jacket as well!  With the Guitar in front and back, and the Piano sleeves I think it's nice, and perfect to wear when I'm singing in the choir ๐Ÿ˜„  It's jersey and I have used jersey lining as well. I have used a pattern from BurdaStyle 06/2009 which I like very much.   Thanks BurdaStyle for featuring my Jacket!

Wool Refashion Dress

This is another Transformation Dress made from wool garments. You can use mostly everything you have and combine the garments  back-forward, up-side-down or however you like. I'ts fun to play with colors and different combination  to figure out how to put the items together in a new way ๐Ÿ˜Š As you can see I have used the sleeves from the jacket  I used for the  Easy Transformation Dress  that I made. I like the back part very much.  The V-neck is turned back, and I have used the bottom of the long jacket for the collar.     The pants became a skirt, and the body of the sweater the upper part. I used the sleeves of the jacket and the ribbon for the waist. I had a butterfly belt buckle which was perfect to use at the back of the collar.

Sweatshirt Jacket

I found this nice pattern in Sabina Magazine 02/2013. I have used sweatshirt fabric which I think is very nice for a jacket ๐Ÿ’œ Of course it's nice to wear the jacket separate as well, together with jeans or any color which suits. As you can see it's a bit gathered at the zipper at the waist and which I like very much :) The sleeves are 3/4 long. I've made a  Skirt  earlier which you can see together with my jacket.

Easy Refashion :)

This is an easy transformation dress.       I have combined garments that I don't wear anymore and which I think are nice together; 1. an orange jacket for the upper front and back part. 2. a turtle neck sweater for the sleeves. 3. a short top up-side-down for the collar, and the little cap-sleeves as a finish at the end of sleeves. 4. a wool pants for the skirt. 5. a rib from a bolero jacket for the waist line.  Voila - Finished! ๐Ÿ˜Š Lisa, my lovely colleague, was my model at a local mannequin show.      I started with sewing the sleeves to the upper part and the collar to the neck, and the waistline to the skirt. And finally the skirt to the top.

Draping Fluid

This is a Japanese draping technic I have learned. For the dress and the lining I have used micro-satin which is softly draping. I have made the basic pattern for the top, but the skirt is based on a BurdaStyle pattern which I like very much. My  Birthday Dress  was sewn of the same pattern. My lovely friend, Inger Hanne was my model at a local mannequin show at Stord Quiltelag .  I start withe a basic body and are drawing the lines for the pattern.  Then I make the parts with seam allowance which I use to make the draping on. The draping parts are sewn together. I'm sewing the lining to the front and back part.     I'm leaving the back part without draping. The skirt for the dress is based on  a BurdaStyle pattern #130 12/2013.