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Twisted Gathered Drape Dress!➰

This is another pattern from drape drape 3! I'm always curious to try out new patterns. As you can see this is very special..  I had exactly enough of this fabric. Normally I would choose a colorful fabric,  but when you make draping garments it's best to use plain colors,  and for the moment I didn't have any colorful plain jersey. The draping and the gathering shows better than on a very colorful jersey. This was a great challenge and I like the twisted style πŸ–€ It suppose to wear as a dress, but for me it was a bit short,  so I think I prefer to use it together with some colorful tights!    As you can see the sides looks very different. Pattern from Drape-Drape 3

Sweater with Tools!

This was a great fabric to make a sweater for a school boy! I fell in love with it on a marked in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It has all the tools you can wish for if you like to do some handy works!πŸ”§πŸ”¨ Ottobre kids pattern.  

90's Vintage Jacket πŸ’š

This is a vintage pattern from 1991.  It's always nice to try the same pattern you have used earlier for a new garment,  and of course it will be different because you use another fabric and maybe the sewing skills is better than is was.. I only bought one meter of the jersey because I wasn't sure about the color,  but I was not disappointed.   I thought black was perfect together with this green color. Therefore I decides to use a black zipper and decorated with the black ribbons. I made the  Pants  for a member model challenge at BurdaStyle some years ago. The interface for the jacket. I have ironed a piece of vlise where the zipper is going to be. I made button holes for the drawstring. Zipper is sewn in place. The interface is sewn afterward and with an inner seam. Sleeves have to come next. I found a finished ribbon for the cuffs. Miss B 04/91

Stripes & Key Hole

I love to wear top with sleeves when it's a little chilly. This is a pattern I like very much and have used several times before.Stripes are versatile and can be used for any occasion. You can either use a curtain ring or a key hole ring for the top.I have tried both, and it works! It's not so easy to sew around the key hole on thesewing machine, so I prefer to hand stitch around it. Jersey is comfy to wear and this top is rather easy sewing.            BurdaStyle pattern #117 06/2005

Girl's Summer Dress ☼

                 Girl's just wanna have FUN! πŸ˜„ This sweet Girl Loves to wear dresses! πŸ‘— - and specially with volume for the skirt. I have made my own pattern, but this time I didn't have enough to sew a circle skirt. However, she was Happy with the dress anyway πŸ˜„ Most of the little girls like to wear pink, so I have inserted a piece at the back. The kids are enjoying a boat trip!


Happy Oranges T-shirt! 🍊 This is a pattern I had in my "library" and new it's a great pattern. I like the shape of the short sleeves and the yellow-orange fabric cheers me upπŸ˜„          BurdaStyle pattern #108-109 08/2008