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Shirt with Cars πŸš—

  This little Cutie πŸ’™ wanted to have a shirt with cars πŸš“πŸš•πŸš— and he was so Happy when he got this shirt πŸ˜ƒ I choose to use red ribbon as a finish around the neck and cuffs. Cute boy πŸ’™ Ottobre Kids 01/2012

Linen Blouse & Pants in my Favorite color! πŸ’™

I just LOVE this blouse pattern and have made it over and over again! This time I have used linen with a bit stretch. I think the detail with sparkling buttons is great! It's always a challenge to make the collar and collar-stand nicely,  but I'm improving all the time.. If you like, you can see the red  Linen Blouse  I have made of the same pattern earlier. I made the Skirt for the Blouse that I'm wearing together with the pants, BurdaStyle pattern #111 02/2020 Since I had more fabric left, it was exactly enough to make a pair of pants as well. I have omitted the buttons at the pockets opening because I like them as the are. The pants are very comfy to wear with the wide legs.  I have made a pair in red  Linen  earlier. The Blouse is made of Marimekko design fabric. Pattern from Simplicity no. 32/2019

Girl's Jacket, Sweater & Tights!

  This is a fabulous fabric that I fell in love with πŸ’— The fabric is like an adventure, and I decided to make some nice clothes for a young girl. I cut out all the pieces, and I had enough fabric to make both a jacket, sweater and a pair of legging. I found a sparkling rubber-band in my stash that was great to use toghether with this fabric. I have stitched the zipper in place, and also the facing. I have stitched a seam close to the zipper and around the neck as well. BurdaStyle Kids Fashion 01/2022  The sweater are gathered at the neck and at the front panel. I have used the same rubber-band at the hem as for the jacket. Ottobre kids pattern. The leggings has a wide waistline, and since the fabric are very steady  I haven't use rubber-band at the waistline. Burda Kids Fashion 01/2022

Maxi Wrap Dress!

My niese wanted to have a wrapped maxi dress. She found this pattern that she wanted me to try :) I have cut all the pieces of the fabric. The sleeves has a seam for the split and narrow cuffs. The dress has side pockets in the seams. I understitch the front part of the pockets. The tie-band are made from a double layer and I have made an opening at the right side seam. The front facing is made without vliseline, but I have used vliseline for the back facing and it goes all around the neck.  The sleeve hem are gathered and the cuffs are stitched on the sleeve. I have handstitched the hem. I think she looks amazing in her new dress! πŸ’• BurdaStyle pattern #111 08/2013