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Crazy Pattern Top

When I first saw this pattern I thought; "wow, how to sew these parts together". Since I have tried the pattern  once before  I knew that I would figure it out. I found this viscose jersey in my stash, and you can see I have sewn  the first seam on the second picture, then it was not so bad. In fact I like this top better that the first I made because this fabric it a bit softer. BurdaStyle #107 02/2018

Transformation with the same Dress! πŸ’•

  This time I have used the bottom of the same "old" dress as a skirt together with the pink sweater. I made a round neck for the top, and since I hade a bit shiny stipes from "another project"   I used that around the neck, and also made it longer at the back. I have use a grey ribb at the waist from another jacket I had in my refashion stash. The  animal print sleeves  are also from another jacket.  These are cotton, but the other garmets are made of wool. I found a black string that I could easily pull through the knitted waistline. Happy Hour πŸ˜„

Pleated Top! πŸ’™

After all my draping I wanted to find a pattern that was not so challenging.. I ended up with this from BurdaStyle, but it was not so easy that I thought it would be. I have made a Pleated Dress of the same pattern earlier,  but had forgotten how to put it together. I started with the front part with the pleats at the side and sew them together as the instruction. For the lower section you have to sew the triangle first  and then overlap the double layover part. I have tried to show it on the pics below. I think it's best to use a plain color for the pleats to be visible in the garment. The pants are an earlier project.  This is the wrong side of the neck. I have used a double jersey tie and stitched it twice. One seam close to the connected line and another seam to fasten it to the neck.  BurdaStyle pattern #117 03/2019  

Vintage Jacket !

         My lovely and good friend Torunn πŸ’™      I found the pattern for the jacket in the Vintage Burda Collection  that I wun after a dress challenge I attend at BurdaStyleπŸ˜‰ I had only 1,5 m of the wool fabric and was afraid it wasn’t enough,  but I managed to “squeeze” it out, and luckily I managed the stripes to match too! I choose to use blue satin lining to match the fabric.  Since the jacket has batsleeves it's easy to fit. I have used snap-buttons since the fabric are very thick. I’m very happy with the welt pockets, and I think it was a good idea to use the stripes.  I made a skarf and a belt to match the jacket as well 😊

Transformation for Chilly Days!

It's time to make a new Transformation Dress! πŸ’— I started with splitting an old dress apart, and I thought the grey jacket was a good match. I have used a bit wool from the pink sweater, and the sleeves are left from another refashion project. That's the great thing about refashion, you have a lot of parts from different project you can use together with a new project. I added the pink wool at the armhole first, and then I found a little part from a grey knitted top I had cut apart earlier, and used it for the collar.  The collar is sewn on the right side of the top, and when you turn it over the seam it doesn't show.  The cuffs are from the pink sweater as well.  The jacket is turned back-forward and sewn together as a skirt for the dress.  Since the jacket was so soft I could sew the V-neck together and just move one of the buttons. I have gathered the skirt at the front and use a tiny ribbon at the waist from the pink sweater. The jacket are knitted very loose, so I mad