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Pleated Jersey Dress

This kind of pattern makes me curious, so I just had to give it a try!  I had this colorful jersey πŸ’™ in my stash and thought it would be great for this pattern. I like challenges, but my issue where in Spanish, so I had to study somehow  to find out how to make the dress properly... The pleats makes the dress very special, and I'm very happy with the outcome!       It's good to have enough space on the floor when your are going to cut such pattern! Burdastyle pattern #116 03/2019 Thanks BurdaStyle for featuring My Dress! ♥

Wrap Dress

This is the latest wrap-dress pattern from BurdaStyle February issue. I made a little alternation of the pattern since I didn't have enough fabric. The front skirt panel is a copy of the back panel,  so instead of wrapping the dress around the body it's easy to take it over the headπŸ˜‰ The fabric is jersey/linen and it's fluffy to wear, and I decided to finish the sleeves without color-blocking and rubber-band. Burdastyle wrap dress #117 02/2019 Thanks BurdaStyle for featuring My Project!  πŸ˜Š

Red & Blue Waves ~~

Curves is the way of nature, and it feels soft and natural, that's why I like waves 🌊 Here I'm together with the host for a local mannequin show I had at Jelsa. I had these two lovely knitted wool sweaters, and cut them as shown on the picture. Then they fitted well together, both for the front and the back. I stitched the upper parts to the lower parts before sewing the waves together. I carefully stitched the waves with normal stitches and "feeding" the sewing maskin with pushing  the knitted fabric so it wouldn't stretch, and I used the overlock maskin afterwords. It was perfect to use the red sleeve for the red-side and the blue sleeve for the blue-side.  Of course, the nice thing about refashion is that you don't have to do the hemming 😊 I made a braided belt as decoration. From a local newspaper 😊

Black & Orange Fun!

I love to try new combination of different garments. Black is always nice, and goes well with bright colors such as orange and yellow πŸ’› I started with the wool top and  and chose to use the yellow sleeves. I had a bit left from the cerise sweater to use as cuffs and waistband. My husbands orange sweater was perfect to use as a skirt. I just cut the skirt in shape to make it fit the top.

Colorful Blouse :)

These colors makes me HAPPY πŸ˜„ This is a blouse made from an earlier BurdaStyle Issue. It's crepe cotton fabric and it feels stretchy, so it's rather comfy to wear. I think the puffed short sleeves with the tie is cute. It has three small buttons in front and  together with the tie at the waist it also has a rubber band.  I have just used small zig-sag stitches at the hem.

Boy's Holiday Outfit :)

It's nice to sew for children when they're so Happy with the outcome!πŸ‘¦ Before we traveled on holiday he was allowed to choose from my stash  what kind of fabric he prefers, and this lovely boy found  the striped jersey and blue jersey and said; "I wanna have this for a T-shirt and this one for a shorts,  and I would like to have the lilac dinosaur on the shorts".   I used the sweater pattern for the T-shirt, I only cut it with short sleeves.  Both patterns are from Ottobre design.