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Wool Coat 🧶

I have never own a green coat so therefore I decided to make one! I have used 100% wool fabric from  Skaar Tekstil  that are very nice. The pattern is from Burda Easy 2008, and I was curious how it was going to look like..  These are all the pattern pieces. I sew the front pieces together first before I made the pockets, and pocket flaps. The collarstand are rather high, so I was wondering how it would be. I had this lovely satin fabric from  Stoff og Stil  that was perfect as lining for the coat. The buttons are covered with fabric and I have used big snapbuttons underneath. I have also used snapbuttons for the pockets. I'm happy how the coat turned out - both inside and outside 😊 Burda Easy 2008.

Concert Sweater ♪♫

I made this sweater to wear when we were going to have a Christmas concert, but sadly we had to cancel the concert because of the Covid... Red is a cheering color and makes me in a good mood! I have combined three different fabric for the sweater, but I think it's a good combination.  The shoulders are very low and the gathering at the waistline is a great detail. The sleeves are very wide, nearly like bat-sleeves..  BurdsStyle 08/2019

Favorite Top 💫

I like printed fabric a lot - and I can't help it but my eyes always catch such fabric like this! I have made  Another Top  of the same fabric ealier that I also like to wear. An easy top is great both for summer and winter ☀❄ BurdaStyle pattern #119 07/2019

Party Outfit!

This is a Super Smart outfit a young boy 😎 The shirt and the pants have been posted once before, but not together as a whole outfit. He had this outfit on the catwalk on our jubilee and he looks very Happy to show it  😄 Photo: Svein Egil Økland BurdaStyle pattern #143 06/2016 The pants has back-pockets and rubber-band at the hem. Photo: Svein Egil Økland His girlfriend is wearing a  Double Draping Heart Dress  that is an earlier project.  

Wool Dress with Square Neck!

I like this pattern so much that I had to use it once again! I have used a double layer wool fabric, and it was hard to choose what side I wanted to show.  The  First Dress  I made was from a flowerful jersey, but with short sleeves.  The sleeves are on the wrong side and the shoulder straps are on the right side that I choose. The shoulder straps are sewn double to the folded line, and the facing is stitched nicely by hand.   The side seams are sewn and the sleeves to come. Since it's a dress that will be worn during wintertime I decided to make long sleeves. The sqare neck is fitted very well. Pattern from BurdaStyle #108 06/21.