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Waterfall top with Pleated Sleeves!

I have just made waterfall top with jersey earlier,  but this pattern should be cut on bias and therefore I decided to use Satin fabric instead.  The short sleeves with pleats are the statement for this top. The button holes for the sleeve is made after the hem is sewn, and in double layer. I considered to sew the buttons on, and through the layers,  but I thought it was better with the button holes.    BurdaStyle #119 04/2021

TR Balloon 🎈

I'm very surpriced how this dress turned out! 🀩 This is one of the tasks to become a TR master. I started to sew the square part on the top, draw the lines and cut it apart.  It's a bit tricky to sew the pieces together. I managed, and I'm surpriced to see how the "balloon" turned out. I wanted to make a backpart to match the lines for the front part. I thought I could sew it together and then cut it apart, but then I had to sew a small piese for each part for the zipper. I wanted the skirt to "flow" and inserted white linen for the sides.

Top with Gathered Sleeves!

I like to use leftovers if it's possible :) I wanted to make a top with gathering at the shoulders,  and have used a BurdaStyle dress pattern as a basic. The  Animal Pants  are from an earlier project,  but I thougt it could fit very well together with the top. BurdaStyle #122 05/2020

Retro Dress for a Good Friend πŸ’™

I wanted to surprice my Good Friend with a new dress since she has knitted so many beautiful sweaters to me! I have used a retro pattern from BurdaStyle that are very flattering with the Empire waistline.  The flared skirt that gived the dress a beautiful silhouette. I chose to use printed denim jersey and I think the color suits my friend very well!πŸ’™ The dress is slight gathered along the Emipire waistline seam. The romantic long sleeves are puffed at the top and become narrow above the elbows.    BurdaStyle pattern #105 03/2021