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Fantail Shirt for a Friend πŸ’›

This is a great pattern from The sewing revival! My lovely and good friend with her new Fantail shirt πŸ’›  The hem of the shirt has a high-low effect and with the rubber-band in front it makes a nice siluett. I think the colorful sleeves makes the shirt more interesting instead of a plain color. - and black is lovely together with every color. I have made another Faintail shirt earlier with blue/grey shades, and I like this style very much! I decided to use a double layer of black jersey around the neck.

Colorful Top with Tie !

I always fell in love with Crazy fabric! πŸ˜† Colours is a must, and makes me in a Good Mood! I had to find a pattern with short sleeves,  and this pattern from BurdaStyle with tie was a great choice! I started to sew the shoulders together before I made the binding around the neck. The binding is made of a double layer and I have top-stitched it closely to the neckline. The tie for the waist is also double as well. Then it looks nice when it's knotted. The hem for the short sleeves are stitched with the coverlock,  but you can easily use a double needle on the sewing machine instead.  BurdaStyle pattern #112 04/2019

Jersey Jacket & Pants! 😎

"Grandma', can you make a black jacket and pants to me?", this sweet boy asked. - and I said: "Of course I can do that". He wanted to have a jacket with zipper that could close the hoodie as well πŸ˜‰ - and he got this one: The pockets are sewn to the front parts first. The pants has pockets both in front and two back pockets as well. He was very happy with his new outfit! Both pattern are from Ottobre Kids fashion.  

Long sleeve Tee with bobble print!

I love to wear wool this time of year 😍 I found this lovely wool fabric in my stash and it was exactly enough to make this Tee, and the royal blue sleeves was a great match! The short sleeves are gathered before I'm sewing them together with the blue sleeves. I have used a double layer of fabric to make the bias around the neck.  I made a  Long Wool Jacket  of the fabric earlier that I like very much! BurdaStyle pattern #113 11/2014

Shirt with printed Fish! 🐟

This cutie loves to wear a shirt and that's make a grandmother Happy 😊  Cotton is perfect for making shirts, and cotton fabric with printed fish was a good choise for this boy! The button-facing lists are sewn on the wrong side, folded to the right sides and stitched in place. I made a pocket to the left side, and since my sewing machine couldn't make button holes this time, I decided to use transparent snap-buttons instead. This is a similar Ottobre pattern that I've used.  

Fantasy Dress no. 2 ⭐

A new Fantasy Dress is born! 🀩 At first I find the right garments, colors and fabric that suits together. This time I chose to start with a black tank top. I have only used the front part, and cut a few pieces to use as application. All of them are wool garments, but the skirt is made of jersey and I have been sewing the parts right sides together and then sewn a wool ribbon on top of the seams. The dress is made of different parts from these garments, and this is how I have cut the parts:  At firts I sew the application on the front part, and the sleeves are sewn together.  It's time for sewing the skirt together. I have been sewing the skirt on the right sides together  before sewing the wool ribbon as decoration on top of the seams. I'm Happy how the dress turned out! 🀩