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Dress with Pleats!

🌸🌸🌸Flowers is great this time of year! 🌸🌸🌸 I fall in love with this fabric when we were in Copenhagen, and thought it would be nice for a blouse or a dress. When I found this pattern in BurdaStyle issue 12/2019, I knew; "This is IT!"😄 I like to challenge myself and this dress has several small pleats in front, and at the back it has a small split with a tie. When I started the sewing I had to carefully stitch the line by hand to make it nicely. It didn't look so nice before I had iron it, but thereafter it looks good. The fabric flow very nicely below the pleats, and the dress is comfortable to wear. With the long sleeves I can also use it in the wintertime, and in a party!       It's not so easy to see the split at the back of the neck, but it's very nice with the tie.  BurdaStyle #106 12/2019

Dress with a Bird :)

Sporty Sara! 🧡 This dress is a combination of a long sleeve shirt and a T-shirt. You will always find garments with orange color in my wardrobe!  I bought the T-shirt with the orange bird on a holiday some years ago, and now it was perfect to use for a refashion dress. I have replaced the long orange sleeves with the short sleeves  from the T-shirt, which I think was very nice. It's a very easy and quick project to make! ✂

Crazy Skirt in Bangkok!

I love printed fabric and fall in love with this fabric  when we were on a trip to Singapore some years ago. I just had a small piece left after making a dress earlier,  and it was exactly enough to make a skirt! I'm very Happy to wear the skirt on our trip to Bangkok! 😄 The pattern is from an earlier BurdaStyle issue 01/2009. The nice thing about this pattern is that you stitch the pleats on the right side of the fabric, and the exposed zipper is a great detail as well. I have combine the cotton twill with black linen fabric.   We visit the Jim Thompson House which are a museum in central Bangkok.

Blue Blouse - Refashion

For the time being Blue is one of my favorite colors! 💙 I bought this chiffon blouse a while ago,  but have not been wearing it so much since the waist was a bit short. Therefore I decided to fresh it up! I have used the same BurdaStyle pattern from issue 10/2019  which I used to make the  Chiffon Blouse   At first I thought it would be great to have the V-neck at the back,  but realized that it would be better at the front. I like very much the turquoise ribbon around the neck,  and I kept the sleeves with the buttons which are just great!  I have combined the upper part with blue cortelle jersey.   BurdaStyle pattern #106 10/2019

Pleated Blouse

  This is a pattern I had to make over again..  It's based on BurdaStyle pattern from issue 05/2016. I like the double pleats in front that makes it unique! The short sleeves have a finish with a folded edge. This lovely satin fabric give me good vibes since I found it on a marked in Singapore🤩 This is how I made the opening at the back of the neck, and I have used a little button-diamond :)   Cheers! 💙💙💙 BurdaStyle pattern 05/2016

My husband's sweater ♥

It good when you can use a delicious sweater to give "new life"😆 The sweater had a lot of bumps, but it's amazing how nice it is on the wrong side! I have combine my husband sweater with a green jacket that I didn't wear anymore. The sleeves and the neckline are from another sweater which I like very much! I have used the body of the sweater for an  Earlier Project   I think Sara looks fabulous in the dress🍒 The sweater is turned up-side down on the wrong side, and sewn together at the waist of the jacket. I have used transparent rubber-band at the waist to make it fit better.