Black & Green Waves..

My Fabulous Model and Good Friend Torunn 💚

This picture is from a local catwalk at Sør Karmøy Husflidslag
It makes me happy that my good friend enjoy to show dresses that I'm sewing.

I had the idea to make waves in two different colors and
I thought black and green would be nice together.
I have tried to show how I cut the sweaters on the pictures below.
You have to be aware that you have to cut them 
in the opposite direction for the front and back part,
but when you have done that, it's easy sewing them together :)

Since I had more fabric I had enough to make a collar.
I made button holes around the collar so it can easily been taken on and off.
I made a braided belt in the same colors to cheer up the dress :) 


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