Incredible journey...

My friends have asked me several times; why don’t you apply for the Sewing bees? “This is not for me, I said. It’s far too much rush with time limits to complete the projects”.
All of a sudden I’m right in the middle of it!

To be honest I didn’t think about applying before my niece called me on my holiday and said; “aunty, I wanted to apply for you, but I couldn’t answer all the questions, but you have to sign up for this competition.”

I had a look on the link she sent me on FB, and after hesitating for a while I thought; Why not give it a try!

I didn’t think so much about it before I got a phone call before Christmas, and I was asked if I could come for an interview in January.Wow! I was so excited and couldn’t tell anyone..! (only my beloved husband)

You can see my lovely niece, who is a fabulous model for me ♥                  She is wearing a Coctail Dress from an earlier project.

I was so nervous when I travelled to NRK in Stavanger, but I tried to do my best. I was asked if I could do something spontaneous, i.e. sing a song? We were practicing for a concert in our choir, and out of the blue I choose to sing; “Hit the road Jack”♪♫, but I don’t know if this was the next step for a second interview at NRK in Bergen in February.. :) 
We were suppose to show something we had been sewing at home in the interview, so I had my red-black Sheath Dress with me to Stavanger.
For the interview in Bergen I brought the Puzzle Dress with me.
In Bergen I met a lot of nice people who was “in the same boat” as me, and the first thing we should do was to sew a skirt with zipper. I think we got 2 hours for the project, and it was quite ok with me.
Second we had to talk with a psychologist, and then finally the last interview with a panel of 4 members. I think it was one of the last interviews that day. I was exhausted, but in a very good mood :) It was a lot of laughter and I thought it went well, but couldn’t be sure.. 
Anyway, I got a new phone call a few days later. I remember that day very well since my girlfriends was at our house this evening, and I was so eager to tell the girls about it, but had to keep my mouth shut...! 

I was so HAPPY!


  1. This is so interesting to learn the story behind your sewing bee journey! :)

  2. Det er så spennande å følgje deg på reisa di her, Ellen😁 Med din dyktighet og herlege personlighet, veit eg ikkje om nokon som kunne passe bedre til dette😁All mulig lykke til😁

    1. Å, du skjønne Solfrid! ♥ Tusen takk for fine ord! Du er alltid så oppmuntrende og positiv!! :)

  3. I am enjoyed the story behind your sewing journey Ellen. Congratulations <3

  4. Gleder meg til å se deg på TV ;)

  5. I really like those 2 dresses you bought. Especially the white one is my fave. It looks like this emoji 😖. I will buy it if it’s for sale in my size


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