Preview 1st Episode

This is a painted picture of the pier in Bergen
on the wall at Scandic Byparken Hotel where we stayed this time. 

Here are all the HAPPY sewing-friends ♥ at Media City Bergen :)
I'm wearing my TR Dress which I have posted earlier.

At first we had a nice conversation with the NRK producer and project manager, 
Kristin Helgeland Hauge, and we also had a nice chat with the NRK psychologist.

We got champagne in the glasses, and finally we were going to watch 
the 1st Episode of the Norwegian Sewing Bee, #Symesterskapet. 
We laughed and it was a lot of FUN seeing ourselves at the TV show! ;-))
I hope the viewers who will watch, will enjoy it! 
I felt we were back in the sewing studio, and I was really stressed...!

Here is our Lovely host for the Seewing Bee, Christine Hope. 
She won the female Comedy Price in April this year, and we just LOVE her ♥

The judges; Tine Solheim, haute couture-designer, Atelier in Oslo 
and Andreas Feet, designer and working at Regent Tailor  in Bayern. 

The blue Diamond in the lobby at Media City Bergen.

After the view we enjoyed ourselves at the bar in the 1st floor :)


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