Asymmetric Jacket!

This is a funny pattern I have tried several times!

The last one was for Sara together with an asymmetric skirt.
The sleeves are very long, and when it's sewn together it's turning around.
I have used the same jersey for both the hoodie and the lower part of the sleeves for this jacket.
Since the pattern are very short I have lengthen it with 10 cm, but still it is short..
I had to shorten the zipper since I didn't have one that suits the opening.
The zipper is very nice and shiny and I think it was a good choice for the jacket.
The hoodie is asymmetric too, and it looks like it doesn't fit when you take on :)
I decided to use rubber-band at the lower part of the sleeves on both sides,
then it looks like the sleeves are gathered.

BurdaStyle pattern 05/2008


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