Wool Coat 🧶

I have never own a green coat so therefore I decided to make one!

I have used 100% wool fabric from Skaar Tekstil that are very nice.
The pattern is from Burda Easy 2008, and I was curious how it was going to look like.. 

These are all the pattern pieces.

I sew the front pieces together first before I made the pockets, and pocket flaps.

The collarstand are rather high, so I was wondering how it would be.

I had this lovely satin fabric from Stoff og Stil that was perfect as lining for the coat.

The buttons are covered with fabric and I have used big snapbuttons underneath.

I have also used snapbuttons for the pockets.

I'm happy how the coat turned out - both inside and outside 😊

Burda Easy 2008.


  1. fantastic coat and love the color

  2. That is so professional looking! Lovely coat.

  3. Oh it's gorgeous. I have the same colour wool from years ago and a similar Burda envelope pattern. I may copy you!

    1. I'm glad to hear that you like it! For the moment I'm in love with green color💚


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