Merinowool Dress ❄

I wanted to have a warm and nice dress for wintertime!

I have tried this pattern earlier when I made another Knitted Dress.
Sometime I just have to try the pattern over again with other fabric, 
and for this dress I have used merino wool fabric.  

At first I iron vliseline tape at the front.

I iron vliseline on the two outher parts of the collar as well.

The collar parts are stitched together. 

I have overlocked the seam around the collar.

- and of course my name-tag at the back :)
I stitched the side seams, and the sleeves.
I have overlocked and hand-stiched the hem and the hem-sleeve.

I like to have the collar open and omitted the buttons at the finish of the collar. 

BurdaStyle 01/2021


  1. Wow, looks fantastic and I'll bet so warm. You don't mention where you got that fantastic merino fabric.. I have made a paper Burda pattern with the same collar but a straighter dress and it was lovely too.

    1. Thanks, that's nice to hear :) Check out this link:


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