Orange & Pink πŸ§‘πŸ’—

We need to wear colors in wintertime!

This model is for knit fabric, but I chose to use double woven jersey fabric.
The dress has a narrow collar and since I love to mix different colours, 
I decided to use pink for the inner collar and the sleeves.

I have iron vliseline-band for the shoulders- and the neck-seam.
The upper front seam are stitched together.

I have also iron vliseline for the inner-collar.

The skirt are cut, but I decided to finish the skirt with pink at the hem.

The shoulders are stitched together, and the collar are stitched in place.

I hand-stitched the inner collar in place at the back.

The sleeves are stitched together.

I under-stitched the collar so it will stay in place.

The sleeves are stitched in place, and I have made orange sleeve bands as a finish.

The skirt is rather wide, and I used an invisible rubberband at the inside 
of the waistline so it should stay in place.

BurdaStyle pattern #115 11/2021


  1. Absolutely love this dress. I love orange and pink together!


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