Wide Summer Pants!🌞

 I'm looking forward to wear these pants!

The pants are made of linen, and the pieces sewn into the side seams makes it special. 
I chose to use a pop-up color for the belt buckle to connect the front pieces together. 
Flower fabric are summery and a wide, fluffy pants are great to wear πŸ˜‰

The top with key-hole is an earlier project.

BurdaStyle 03/2021


  1. Hi Ellen. These are stunning! Are you a tall girl? I am 5 ft 2 and rather short legs. I have to wonder if your loveliness with pulling this off is partly due to a taller stature? You look great in everything!!
    Loretta Somerville

    1. Hi Loretta, I'm not that tall, but normal height 168cm, so I'm sure you will it will look great on you :) Thanks for such lovely compliments.

  2. Love the pants! They are cute and look very comfortable. Love the fabric used!

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliments dear Linda ♥


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