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Jersey Dress with Belt

My lovely singing girlfriend from the choir, Signe Britt 🌹 I made the pattern from an old dress that I like very much. It's not so easy to see the, but I have combined the blue/black batik jersey with plain black.    It's seldom that I use pleats on the back of the skirt, but I think it looks good. The pockets is made of one piece of fabric and folded. The belt is pulled through a piece of fabric in front which is a nice detail.

This picture is taken when we had a local catwalk πŸ’ƒ

Happy Colour Blouse 😊

As you may know I love colors πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’™ I was lucky to find this lovely chiffon on a market in the Netherlands. 
This is rather an easy top to make since the sleeves are
together with the front and back panel.
The only thing which took some time was to make the gathering at the neckline.
I used lining under the front part since the chiffon are transparent.
The sleeves has a finish with rubber-band. 

Burdastyle pattern #108 02/2018

Refashion Black & Orange!

This is real FUN! 🧑🧑🧑
I have turned the orange jacket back-forward and cut of the sleeves.
I have hand-stitched the opening were the buttons are.
The new sleeves are from an old wool top
and I have used the cuffs from the orange jacket.
The decoration around the neck is a rubber-band decoration
on an old turtleneck top, therefore it looks like it's gathered.
The skirt is simply a dress I found in my wardrobe,
(which I didn't use anymore), and I have cut in half.

My lovely and good friend, Torunn at a local Catwalk-show :)

Refashion with my son's T-shirt :)

I think nice T-shirt's like this deserve a New Life :) I have turned it back-forward and cut of the sleeves, and made it slimmer at the waist. I had this old blouse in my wardrobe and thought it would be a perfect match with the blue T-shirt. I cut of the bottom, gather it and sewn it together  with the shirt to make it longer. I made a new shape for the sleeves and gather them at the shoulders.

We had a lot of Fun when Torhild was posing for our choir πŸ˜‚πŸŽ΅

The belt is original from the blouse :)

A-line Jacket!

I bought this fabulous merino wool from Stoffbutikken πŸ’› I was not sure what I wanted to make,  but found an old pattern from Miss B which I have tried once before. I have combined the wool fabric with denim jersey for the sleeves  and for the inner collar to make it unique. The buttons are covered with wool jersey. The Jersey Dress I'm wearing underneath the jacket is an earlier project.

 I have covered the buttons with a single wool jersey.
The pattern is found in an old BurdaStyle, Miss B issue from 1991 :)

Refashion - Wool Jackets!

My sporty model and good friend SusanπŸ’– We grow up together in the same neighborhood.
This is a dress I have made of two old wool jackets and a piece of knitted fabric from a sweater.
The grey jacket is turned back-forward and sewn together. 
I have cut off the buttons for the red jacket and sewn it together for a skirt. The jacket had a lot of bumps since I have been wearing it a lot, so I have turned it inside-out, both the skirt and the sleeves.
To make it a bit interesting I made a twisted neckline and pull a thread-band at the back of the neck. 

Susan is together with me at a local catwalk 😘

Satin Flower Top

Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra  I have to tell that this was incredible FUN! πŸ˜„ It's the first time ever flying in a balloon!!! 🎈
I'm wearing a top made of satin fabric I bought in Utrecht, the Netherlands early this summer.
I have used a pattern from Simplicity No. 32/2019.
The Wide Pants are from an earlier project.

This picture is taken at Oslo airport :)