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TR Dress with Waves! 🌊

I wanted to try a new version of a "Transformational Reconstruction" by Shingo Sato, but I made my own pattern.
I started with sewing a dress pattern together and draw lines  where I wanted the waves to be. The nice thing about this style is that you don't have any particular side seams. The waves goes all around the dress. I also added sleeves with pleats on the shoulders to get the right sculpture of the dress.
This is how the pattern looks like. I normally use canvas or cotton to make the pattern, but since I didn't have any I choose this colorful cotton fabric instead.
You can see the parts how it looks like before I sew them together. It's important to cut marks where you are going to sew the parts together as you can see on the photo. 

I like the combination of punto de roma fabric and the sparkling jersey  I found in my stash.

I wanted to make sleeves with lots of pleats, and found a pattern in "my library". 

Blouse with Flowers 🌺

This is a blouse pattern I had to give another try!  Last time I used jersey, but I thought it was a bit big. For this blouse I have used  polyester blend, but it so soft and feels like silk. I started with the pleats at the neck and lay them in the right position. There is a slit at the back with a button were I made a rouleau loop. The sleeves are gathered at the shoulder to make a nice little puffed sleeve. The sleeve hem has a cuff as a finish.

I'm Happy with the outcome πŸ˜„

Patrones pattern #18 290/2010

Jersey Shirt for a Super Boy!

I got this fabulous jersey from my sewing friend Monica - and of course boy's love Boats!
I found the pattern in Ottobre Kids 06/2011. In fact it's great to sew a shirt of jersey. The collar stand is cut together with the collar and the cuffs are sewn on the sleeves like a sweater.
I had to try to match the boats like stripes :)

Ottobre kids pattern 06/2011.

"Denim" Jersey Top & Favorite Pants 🧑

Tops with long sleeves are great to wear all year around! This is a pattern that I like very much, and I have made a Crazy Print Top earlier. This "denim" jersey is very nice both for sewing with and to wear. I like the gathering at the shoulders and the waist, and I think the top is good to use at work as well.
The pants has a detail at the side seams. It's not so easy to see on the pics, but it shows on the drawing of the pattern. The pants has an invisible zipper in front, and slits at the end of the legs. I have used cotton fabric with a little stretch.

I made a belt for the top as well, but it's nice to use it without too.

BurdaStyle pattern #116 02/2020
BurdaStyle pattern #118 03/2005

The pants are a perfect match to my flowers πŸ˜…πŸ§‘