Monday, 18 June 2018

From Russia with Love ♥

I think it's not so hard for you to understand why I fell in Love 
with this gorgeous silk chiffon in St Peterburg!
The pattern I have used is one of the 60's Vintage BurdaStyle Pattern Collection. 
I got the pattern collection when I was the lucky winner with my Holiday Dress  
when I participate in the Sloper Member Model Challenge :)
 It's an easy pattern, but I think it's nice. 
I want all the colors and flowers in the fabric to glow! 
The pics are from our garden with yellow roses :)


 I have shorten the sleeves and used a rolled hem. 
For the lining I have used micro satin.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Blue-Flower Top

I'm together with my lovely sister in law on our way to Vilnius to celebrate our mother in law's  93-years birthday!    
I'm wearing my second top made from      BurdaStyle 02/2018. I have combined a   lovely viscose fabric together with jersey at the back. It's a nice detail with the gathering at the neck.                          
The first top I made was with a vintage jersey which you can see here if you like.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Top with Bow back

This is my kind of fabric and I fancy it very much!

The pattern is from BurdaStyle 02/2018.

The little detail with the bow at the back makes it a bit special.

We are on Arlanda airport on the way home from
our "Fabric-Safari" in St Peterburg

Monday, 11 June 2018

Lace Dress with a twist of Lemon :)

I knew this pattern from before when I made my dress with applique
I wanted to try it once more with this beautiful cotton lace fabric 
I bought in a local shop which I was the lucky one to open in January. 
If you like you can see the video here
Red carpet at Radisson Blu Astorija in Old Town Vilnius 😄

I thought it would be nice with yellow lining.
I also cut a yellow strip and sew a rolled hem on both sides so it doesn't fringe.
On top of it I sew a piece of the lace fabric, gather the it on both sides 
and hand stitched around the neck.   
I have just cut around the flowers at the hem, 
and I think it's a nice finish.

We are celebrating my mother in law's 93 years birthday 🎉🎈

Friday, 8 June 2018

ORANGES in St Peterburg ♥

When the show for the Norwegian Sewing Bee were made,
we decided to travel on a Fabric-Safari once a year.
This year Tanja invited all the Lovely Sewing Bees 
to Russia to her hometown St Peterburg 😎💗

I bought this fun fabric at Krestoffer 
I have tried this pattern two times before, but never with jersey.
I love jersey because it's so easy to move around and 
it's great for travelling!
If you like you can see the first jacket I made here
and my white jacket here :)

We are so excited to meet at Oslo airport!

My jacket was a perfect fit together with Tanja's cool velvet pants!

Finally arrived at St Peterburg airport ✈

Here we are on a boat trip to Peterhof Palace
If you like, you can read more about our fabric shopping at Tanja's blogg

BurdaStyle 05/2008