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The fabric is everything! 🌸

My lovely model Sara💜 I had exactly enough of this colorful fabric to cut the front part of this top. It was a little left-over after my Flounce Pencil Skirt The fabric is a sweatshirt jersey and I have combined it with solid black jersey.  The sleeves have a nice detail with the rubber band.
At first I made an ordinary neck like the pattern, but thought it was to high, so I cut it shorter, and then I was satisfied :)  
The pattern is originale from Burda Easy FW/2017 but now I found the same pattern in BurdaStyle 02/2020 

Stripes Forever !

💙This is my husband's shirt 💙
I found it in his wardrobe, but luckily it became mine! 😄
I cut of the sleeves and the collar, but kept the collar-stand. Then I cut it curved at the waist to fit better.
I like to combine different fabric and colors.. I had a white sheet that I bought for a toga-party,  and now it would be great to combine with the stripes.  I found a blouse pattern in BurdaStyle issue 05/2019  and thought the sleeves could be great for the shirt dress. As you can see it was a lot of darts to sew before I could sew the sleeve band.
I cut the skirt on bias so it fall very nicely.
I figure it was nice to wear with a belt, so I made one of the same white sheet.
So now I'm ready for summer ☼

Tunic for my Girlfriend ♥

Ji-Ha ♪♫ My lovely singing girlfriend Torhild💗
This is a crazy fabric I bought at Alfatex in Germany. I can't help it, but my eyes always get attracted to such printed-letter-drawing-fabric.. 🤩
Even though this is a tunic, my girlfriend can use it as a dress  or together with black pant if she like :)   I think it's nice with the pockets and the inserted panels on the sides. It also has a drawstring on the lower part. 

The neck of this pattern is a bit special. It looks like a cowl neck, but it's sewn on.
I have used a German pattern from My Image.

Refashion Top with split ☼

I wanted to make a top for my skirt before our holiday ☼
Since I didn't have any blue fabric which suits the skirt I found a T-shirt in my son's wardrobe. I hope he doesn't miss it...😆 

I manage to cut out all the parts.. As you can see I have used the orange print on the back side of the slits.

It's an easy and short top, but it was perfect to wear together with my skirt as I wished😄

Pattern from BurdaStyle 03/2000

Linen Batik Dress :)

I was curious about this pattern and had to make it a try!  I found the linen batik fabric in my stash, and I wonder why I didn't use this before... Linen fabric is wonderful to use on a warm sunny day ☼
I wanted to have an exposed zipper, this is 30 cm long,  and I made a little alternation with the flounces beside the zipper.
I like the flounce collar and I think it's a great detail too.
I made a belt of the same fabric, but I think it will be very nice  together with a camel brown belt and shoes too 👢💙

BurdaStyle #107 03/2020