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SSS - all around!

This is my own pattern made of many S-S-S 😊 I have used yellow shiny sport stretch together with black courtelle jersey. The bias around the sleeve holes and neck are made of  the same jersey. It's rather easy to make, but you have to sew the pieces carefully together  to fit the top and bottom of "the hills". As you can see of the pattern I have marked it different places where it's gonna fit together. The dress is supersoft and comfy to wear!

Blue T-Shirt & Blue Leaves Skirt

This kind of Blue is my favorite! I was very happy when I found the white stretch cotton with blue leaves in St Petersburg when I was visiting together with my sewing friends ❤
I chose to make a skirt from BurdaStyle May issue which are very easy to sew, but very nice to wear! I like the high waist with buttons and of course the pockets!
The T-shirt is made of jersey. With the small bow on the sleeves makes it unique :) Pattern is from BurdaStyle July issue.

Burdastyle pattern #119 07/2019

Burdastyle pattern #112 05/2019

Refashion - Dress with Lace Sleeves

Playing with garments is FUN!😊 I have used an old T-shirt and two dresses and made a new one! I was not sure if I should use the sequins at the waist, but thought it would be nice. The lace sleeves is wonderful, and makes the dress unique. I'm very Happy how it turned out😘
The pics below show how I have cut the garments,  and how easy it is to make something new and different.

Top and Pants with ties

My lovely  model Marte. She is a singing star⭐ and sing like an angel💕 The top she's wearing is made from a pattern I've had for years  from the beginning of my sewing carrier, but not tried before..   I like the pleats on the shoulders and the cross at the back makes it special. Since the neckline was a bit wide I have used an invisible rubber-band  to keep the shoulders closer.
The pants are cute with the straps at the end of the pants leg. The pockets are gathered and sewn on top of the front parts.  

This pattern is from a Norwegian sewing magazine.

Fluffy Top & Wide Pants!

I bought this Fabulous scarf a while ago, and thought it would be nice for a Top! It's like you watch in an aquarium😂
I have used an easy pattern from BurdaStyle 04/2016. As you can see it has small inserts at the neck on the right side of the fabric. I have mad Aquarius Top and Printed Top earlier of the same pattern, but this time I wanted to have fluffy sleeves like I made on the Maxi Dress! Since the scarf are transparent I have used black cotton voile as lining for the front part.
The pants are made of linen. It's not often that I use Simplicity pattern, but this was perfect for the project! I like the high waist and the top looks nice both inside or outside the pants.
I love these colors and it makes me Happy to wear this outfit!😘 

Burdastyle pattern #118 04/2016

 Pattern from Simplicity No. 32/2019

Embroidered fabric ♥

My lovely model Sara in a pink flower dress!🌸🌸🌸 You have to take a closer look for this fabulous embroidered fabric! I bought it online from Alfatex a while ago. I have combined the cotton fabric with a light jersey for the upper part. The skirt is gathered at the waist so it's fluffy to wear for summertime🌞