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Dress with Pleats & Lace Sleeves πŸ’™

This is one of my favorite color! As it says in BurdaStyle: Sophisticated and clean. The dress has darts at the back and deep pleats stitched in place at the waist. I chose to use "diamond" buttons as decoration on the pleats. Since I had a piece of lace fabric with the same royal blue color  I decided to make lace sleeves.   BurdaStyle 03/5021

Fly Away like a Bird 🐦

  I can't help it, but this Adrienne pattern is one of my Favorite! I have already made several blouses or tops, and I found it very attractive! The pattern is the same both for the front and the back,  but I did a little alternation with the neck at the back as you can see on the picture below. The sleeves are very wide and are gathered with rubber-band  both on the shoulders and the sleeve hem. Adrienne Blouse from Fridaypatterncompany

Sleeve & Pocket Origami!

Short sleeve Jacket with two different Origami techniques 🧩 VORTEX SHORT SLEEVE ORIGAMI I started with drawing the lines where I'm going to fold the pattern. Triangles are inserted and the pattern are put together. This is how the pattern looks like on the right side - - and on the wrong side. The sleeve is sewn together. POCKET ORIGAMI Pattern is finished and cut out. This is going to be three differnet pockets (the green once) The foldings are in place and ready to be sewn. I have put pencils in the pockets to show where they are. I found a BurdaStyle pattern I wanted to use to make a jacket. I decided to use cotton voile as lining since the white cotton fabric is transparent, but not for the sleeves. BurdaStyle #101 05/2008

Wrap Shirt Top!

Turquoise and Brown colors are nice together!  This is a great pattern that I like very much, and it's easy to make. I have made a  Denim Jersey Top  and a  Top with Sleeve Flounce  earlier. At first, the front part of the sleeves are gathering, and then you are sewing all the parts together before sewing the bias around the neck and front parts. Then it's just to sew the side- and sleeve seams, and the hem and sleeve hem. BurdaStyle #116 02/2020