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Easy Top :)

Pinted fabric is one of my favorites! πŸ’’
This is an easy top made from BurdaStyle pattern #112 04/2009
I had a bit left of the bronze fabric which I though was nice together with the printed jersey.
I made a split as a finish at the end of the sleeves.

I have used this pattern several times, and if you like you can see my  Jersey/Lace top
or my
Winter wonderland top

The pattern is perfect to combine different fabric πŸ˜‰

BurdaStyle pattern #112 04/2009

Good Morning!

Sara is the lucky owner of the kimono / bathrobe I made  when I was participating in the Norwegian Sewing bee last year. We were going to make a luxury dressing gown / bathrobe within 3 hours 30 min!

I chose to use viscose fabric combined with satin. The bathrobe should have collar, side-pockets and  the belt were suppose to have a creative detail. I made a wrap-belt decorated with ribbons and pearls.

I'm really happy with the outcome which I managed within the time-limit! I think the bathrobe suits Sara very well πŸ’— 

Based on BurdaStyle pattern #128 11/2009

Autumn Dress

The Autumn Leaves drift by my Window ♪♫ This is a beautiful song we are singing in our Choir. I think these colors are Great to appreciate the Autumn 🍁

This is how I cut the sweaters: The wool sweater is turned back forward  because I love the little detail with the pearl buttons. I have used the neckline for the red wool dress from an earlier post. The waistband and the red cuffs are also from the same project. The grey jacket is turned back forward and I have sewn between the buttons  so it doesn't get open when walking... The lilac waistband from the sweater is sewn as a finish for the skirt. Voila! Dress is finished πŸ’œ My husband and I had a Funny photo-session by the sea πŸ˜‚ 

Gathered Sleeve Top - BurdaStyle Challenge!

My newest project;  It all about SLEEVES! 
I have used Georgette jersey for the top. It's softly draping and it feels good to wear 😊
As you can see, the sleeves looks a bit funny before you gather it..
The top is easy to make and the details are niceπŸ’¦

Burdastyle pattern #115 08/2018

Blue Transformation Dress

I'm in the mood of transformation πŸ˜‚
I found a nice merino wool sweater in my husband's closet which was perfect for a skirt!
Since the sleeves where a bit long I could use them up-side-down.  
I have used the bottom  sides of the other blue sweater as a finish at the edge of the sleeves.
The yellow from the cardigan is the bottom which I have cut into half, and I have used one piece for the neck and the rest for the waist.
I made a braided belt to cheer it up at the waistπŸ˜„
This is how the garments looks before I cut them into pieces.  

My good college, Lisa πŸ’›was my model at a local mannequin show.

Yellow for Autumn!

I bought this chess fabric to make a pair of pants, but when I saw this dress pattern I knew it was right for this dress :) 
The only change I’ve done is to sew small darts at the back of the neck. The neck has volume vlies so it stays better.
The skirt and sleeves are cut on bias, but it was not so easy to match the squares because it didn't fit when I cut it on bias. Anyway, I'm happy how it turned out πŸ˜„

Burdastyle pattern #107 09/2018

Double Draping Heart ♥

This is another draping technic.  I start with drawing a heart on a basic pattern. The fabric pieces are stitched to the heart, and draped  before the heart is sewn to the front part. For the skirt I have used a BurdaStyle pattern  I've tried once before in a Member Model Challenge. For the upper part I have used satin and the skirt is sewn with  sport stretch which is perfect to use when you're making a flounce.  Then you don't need to over-lock the hem because it doesn't fringe. I have used chiffon as lining for the skirt.   

  My lovely model Lisa πŸ’›
I have used a "diamante" button in the back. 
Burdastyle pattern #157 05/2011