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Quick & Easy Refashion

If you just want to cheer up a garment this is a very easy way to do it! I have used a T-shirt and a dress. The sleeves of the dress was a perfect match for the stone-washed T-shirt, and the skirt were turned back-forward, and voila the dress is new πŸ‘— As a decoration for the waist I have used a cord with taps.

I used the upper part of the dress for the Refashion with Zipper

Yellow & Turquoise

This is a great color combination  πŸ’›πŸ’™

It looks like a wrap dress for the upper-part, but the style is very unique with the flounce on the sleeves and hem.

I have used a cotton-viscose fabric, and lined the dress with micro satin which is very soft.

I decided to cheer up the dress with the sparkling turquoise ribbon at the waist, and I have made an embroidery around the neckline with turquoise hearts πŸ’™ 

You can find a lot of treasures in old BurdaStyle issues! This pattern is from issue 05/2006 

Colors makes me HAPPY!

Spring is coming and I'm ready! πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’— This is a dress I can wear all year around, but special now when everything starts to bloom!   
It's an easy wrap dress. The skirt is closed, so I have slip the dress over my head.. I have used a soft Lycra jersey and very comfy to wear 😊 The pattern is self-made, and I like this style very much!

At the end of the belt I have used fake leather snaps.

Refashion with Zipper

I still love playing with garments and make refashion dresses! πŸ‘—

This dress is made of a combination of a jersey dress,  a long jacket and details from the blue sweater.

As a little detail I made blue short sleeves over the red sleeves from the jacket. The blue waistband is from the sweater as well. Sine the long jacket had pocket I wanted to use this as the front part, and decided to add a blue zipper up-side-down.

The back of the dress is eye-catching! πŸ‘€πŸ˜…

Pleated Jersey Dress

This kind of pattern makes me curious, so I just had to give it a try!  I had this colorful jersey πŸ’™ in my stash and thought it would be great for this pattern. I like challenges, but my issue where in Spanish, so I had to study somehow  to find out how to make the dress properly... The pleats makes the dress very special, and I'm very happy with the outcome! 

It's good to have enough space on the floor when your are going to cut such pattern!

Burdastyle pattern #116 03/2019

Thanks BurdaStyle for featuring my dress! ♥

Wrap Dress

This is the latest wrap-dress pattern from BurdaStyle February issue. I made a little alternation of the pattern since I didn't have enough fabric. The front skirt panel is a copy of the back panel,  so instead of wrapping the dress around the body it's easy to take it over the headπŸ˜‰
The fabric is jersey/linen and it's fluffy to wear, and I decided to finish the sleeves without color-blocking and rubber-band.

Burdastyle wrap dress #117 02/2019

Thanks BurdaStyle for featuring my project! 😊