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Day 15 - Hila

Hello, I am Hila.  When it comes to sewing – I have voracious appetite!  I nurture and value bold colors in my sewing collection,  I guess you could say that’s my signature style. 
And, as part of my commitment to lifelong learning,  I constantly seek out challenging designs and unusual techniques. 
I have a myriad of interests I pursue, but sewing is chief among them.  My love of bright floral's is mirrored from my equal love and passion for gardening.
I’d love to share a project that creates joy in me and in others whenever I wear it. 

This is the Rainbow Moneta Dress.  Whenever I wear this dress I get so many compliments from all ages of people  and they tend to say that it made them smile and thank me for making them smile.  That’s a beautiful sentiment that is common to all humanity – joy.  This dress fills me with so much joy that I believe it overflows and passes on to others.
I have only always sewn what makes me happy  – I have never paid attention to any advice that says if you have b…

Day 14 - Mihaela Lopanov

My name its Mihaela Lopanov, I’m from Bucharest Romania.
As many of the sewing addicts, I’ve started in early childhood making dresses for my dolls.  I remember I was dreaming about the day when I will be skilled enough to make dresses for myself.
 The years have passed and here I am now and what a journey have it has been 😊  I’m 41 years old and by now I have done so many dresses, I’ve tried so many techniques,  I’ve tried so many fabric choices, combine sewing with crafting,  keeping all this only as a hobby till few weeks ago.
As everything happens for a reason and at its very own time,  I succeeded to fulfill one of my dreams  – to have own business where I can create everything that I ever dreamed of,  but in an organized way 😊
The name of my business I’Dia Concept Design, its inspired by the most precious gift  that I could ever get from God, my daughter Diana,  who been my most inspiring muse over the years and still is 😊
Now, girls’ dresses, toys, bags, costumes, became a common practic…

Day 13 - Jan Bøyum

Besides being an addict of music (opera), literature and film,  and an interest in current political mindsets,  another part of me finds a lot of pleasure in sewing, tailoring culture one might say.
The kick off for this interest, and still the main reason,  is to get better fitting and slightly more colorful garment for everyday use,  and as a spice, fancy dresses and classical suiting will surface now and then. 

My passion is to refine my shirt sewing,  making details crispy, and done within reasonable time.  The one on the picture is not one of my best overall.  It stayed with me for too long, but the collar went of beautifully, as did the cuffs.  As always with shirts, no overlock, just French seams.
The British sewing bee tempted me into sewing,  when I discovered how nice garment people made  after just two years in spare time practices. 
Wow, if they can, I am also capable!
Not a regrettable choice, and in my family, a popular one 😊 
Sewing tip:  Crispier details with basting after needling,…

Day 12 - Rita Parenteau

Hello, my name is Rita, and I am very honored Ellen invited me.
I really enjoy all the beautiful makes Ellen makes.
I am an early retired 57 year old and love to sew every day when I am able too,  unless I am enjoying my grandchildren. My granddaughter is learning to sew with me.  
My husband and I enjoy going on vacations either by plane or in our motor-home.  Our favorite place is Las Vegas; the shows are wonderful!   
I have two rooms in our home dedicated to sewing, one room is where I sew and have my machines, and the other room stores my fabric. I think I have a lifetime supply of fabric and notions!  

 This is the Sweatshirtmy daughter is wearing. (I did not know I was on the pattern sale page! I just sent her a 'fit' picture because  I tested the pattern for her before it was released for sale.  I just saw the picture now, taken in my sewing room) 
It is well drafted, but the instructions are poor, and the inside finish of the pocket is untidy.   It comes with three neck variatio…

Day 11 - Elpida

Almost 50 but I feel 30… Hard working IT Director in the morning,  passionate seamstress at  night,  caring mum the rest of the day.
Addicted to sewing, embroidery, crochet, painting but also to math and algorithms. With a head full of colorful clothes and a pocket holding a budget of 20 €, at most.
I adore  fabric shopping but I don’t have a stash. I work with  technology but in sewing I only  trust my hands.
Life is not easy, but I can’t imagine selling the clothes I make. Elpida is the Greek word for Hope, and I just hope I can keep going like that.

One of my Favorite Project My instagram account

Day 10 - Hana Velvet Ribbon

I'm Hana, I was born in Indonesia, but living in Macau-China for many years now. 
I'm a wife and a mom who love to sew for myself and close family.  I started my sewing journey in the end of 2009 after I got my first Janome sewing machine,  Janome overlocker and Burdastyle magazines. 
Since that day, I never stopped sewing and making stuff.  Sewing makes me feel happy, creative and accomplished.
Also, I learned how to knit two years ago.  I thought hand-knit was difficult but I was wrong,  it was easier than drafting my own sewing patterns 😊 
I mostly sew in the morning and afternoon while my kid at school and knit at night.  My goal is to continue creating handmade wardrobe and  I'm happy that at this moment 70% of my clothes are made by me. 

Here are my two latest garments, Burdastyle boucle jacket  and high neck top based on Sew Your Own Active Wear Book by Melissa Fehr.  More about can be found in my blog  Or you can find me at Instagram 
Sewing tip:  Passion, keep trying and never s…

Day 9 - Georgia

My sewing friend from Romania 💖

Most of the time I am an engineer and a mother of 2 trying to shape the world  of tomorrow, but every now and then I am just a sewing addict and a fabric junkie. 
I discovered sewing in my late 20's and it has become my breath of fresh air.  I just love experimenting with colors and textures and design lines  and learning something new with each project. 
For me sewing is almost an alternative reality where I lose and find myself,  where anything is possible if you can just imagine it and dare to reach for it.

One of my favorite projects of all time is the Koos van der Akker coat.  I just love how 8 different fabrics got together in harmony  and love the hypnotizing design lines Koos created! 

The best advice I got after starting sewing was to press every seam as I sew.  It can make such a huge difference in the final garment! It was a revelation!  And never let a sewing project scare you.  It is amazing what you can accomplish if you just take it one step at a…